Ruth Davidson returns to radio for LBC Christmas shows

Former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson is joining LBC to host five Christmas specials next week.

In An Inconvenient Ruth, the ex-radio journalist will look behind the public façade to uncover the achievements, challenges, victories and disappointments of her five guests each weeknight from 9pm till 10pm.

Guests from Monday to Friday are former Chancellor-turned-Editor George Osborne, Labour peer Dame Joan Bakewell, the forensic anthropologist Professor Dame Sue Black, businesswoman Baroness Martha Lane-Fox and broadcaster Piers Morgan.

The programmes will see Ruth use her former career as a journalist to find out what it’s taken for each guest to be at the top of their field.

In the first show on Monday 23rd December, George Osborne reveals what he really thinks of Boris Johnson, how he found the Conservative party woefully outdated when he joined and gives his honest opinion about Theresa May.

Ruth Davidson said: “I started my career in radio and, as a former journalist, I have always loved pressing people to tell their stories. When LBC asked me to get behind the mic again this Christmas, I jumped at the chance.

These interviews are a peek behind the curtain in the lives of some of the most successful people in the country. From all sorts of backgrounds and choosing wildly differing paths, you’ll hear about their world-beating exploits, but also the dark times too.

Covering the whole story of their lives, we’ll discuss the opportunities, triumphs, compromises, failures and inconvenient truths behind some of Britain’s most prominent people.” 

Tom Cheal, LBC’s managing editor, said: “Ruth is one of the most straight-talking and no-nonsense politicians – and we welcome her to LBC. Combined with her background as a journalist, she is the perfect choice to get under the skin of our five guests.

“An Inconvenient Ruth will give listeners an honest, in-depth and unique insight into some of our most respected and successful figures.”

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  1. Mark Budgen says

    London’s Biggest Conservatives.

  2. Joe Smith says

    Farage, Clegg, Livingstone, Salmond, Galloway. All have hosted shows on LBC. Never realised they were Conservatives.

    That James O’Brien too. What a Conservative!

    1. Mark Budgen says

      No Brain isn’t a lefty, people who go to posh private schools aren’t lefties. Clegg, a lefty? Nope. Salmond a tartan tory.

      1. Joe Smith says

        You said they were Conservatives. They aren’t. Even a child can see that.

        Sorry that pointing out your nonsense upsets you so much.

        1. Mark Budgen says

          They are a Tory station, to say otherwise is wilful blindness.

          1. Joe Smith says

            Do you ever post anything remotely sensible?

            As for your initial post you will find London’s biggest Conservatives in The Conservative Party HQ but don’t let facts get in the way of your total and utter stupidity.

  3. Mark budgen says

    London’s biggest Conservatives. Ashley says vote Tory. Lbc.

    1. JW says

      Keep taking the pills!

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