Schedule changes at Heart as James Stewart replaces Jenni Falconer

Jenni Falconer is stepping down from weekday early breakfast on Heart making way for James Stewart as part of a number of schedule changes at the station.

JK and Kelly Brook are moving to Saturday mid-mornings 9am – 12pm, whilst Zoe Hardman adds Saturday breakfast to her current Sunday breakfast show.

Mark Wright will present two new weekend shows every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 4pm, whilst Mother Pukka founder Anna Whitehouse will present her own show on Sunday nights 10pm – 1am, chatting everything from sex and relationships to parenting.

Ellie Taylor will be taking a break from the show after a year and a half to focus on her TV work in 2020. She’ll be continuing her relationship with Heart, with her weekly podcast Ellie and Anna Have Issues.

And an announcement about Jenni’s future plans will be announced by Global in January.

James Stewart is excited about his new weekday show. He said: “Wow, how exciting is this – It’s such an honour to be stepping into the shoes of the brilliant Jenni Falconer, presenting on the biggest commercial station across five days a week! I’ve been part of the Heart family for three years now and can’t wait to get started on this new show”

Newcomer Katrina Ridley replaces James Stewart on weekends, with a new show each Saturday and Sunday 1am – 6am.

Andy Everett, Managing Editor of Heart says: “It’s a particularly exciting time for Heart as we refresh the weekend schedule for 2020. We’re so proud to be able to bring our listeners the freshest voices to the station to accompany a strong playlist, guaranteeing a feel-good weekend, every weekend.”

The changes will take effect from W/C 6 th January 2020.

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  1. James says

    They call a strong play list a rotation of 400 songs !!!!!! ?????

  2. David says

    It’s a Christmas miracle and a Wonderful Life for James Stewart it seems 😉

    1. Nick Jess says

      Probably a lot cheaper!!

    2. Nathan says

      Oh no what shell I do well I’ll carry on with bbc radio 2 and my LOCAL community station.i not listened to this station of the same crap since 2009

  3. Lester Pades says

    “the brilliant Jenni Falconer” – a nice, smiley lady who is competent on screen, but brilliant? Hyperbole central.

  4. Spencer Payne says

    Oh no !

    This has ruined my Christmas

  5. Chris says

    They keep changing things on Heart!
    Bring back local breakfast & Driverime shows!

    1. mb23 says

      I’m afraid they won’t be hiring another 50 breakfast hosts, that ship has now sailed.

  6. Radio Geordie says

    If Global are announcing what she’s doing next, then she’s obviously being moved to one of the spin-off channels.

  7. tim white says


    1. Adam says

      It doesn’t fit their target audience, hence why they now have spin off DAB stations for 70’a & 80’s. Heart is aimed at the “housewife and school run mummies”

  8. Riz says

    Hey there

    Weekday afternoons 1pm to 4pm I like Liliah Parsons be on air for Heart Radio

    I love listening to Heart enjoy it lots

  9. Dave Wiggy Wiggins says

    I Hope Global And Heart Won’t Get Rid Of
    This Good Radio Presenter Jenni Falconer From Heart
    Jenni Falconer Is A Good Radio Presenter Do Not Get Rid Of
    Jenni Falconer From Heart Global Please Global

  10. SJ says

    So, the weekend gets a reshuffle, only a matter of time, before they change the weekday schedule, again. Bring Kat back.

  11. Kish says

    Possibly off to Magic? Would fit well on Magic’s early breakfast

    1. Joe Smith says

      She would be ideal for the prestigious 3am slot on Radio Burkina Faso.

  12. simon taylor says

    we need to bring back what heart was build for something diff for the public not the same 50 songs every day bring back 70s and 80s we need to tell heart what we want,

  13. Jordan says

    Go james Stewart

  14. peter says

    Sorry to see Jenni Falconer leave Heart,she’s been a good presenter to listen tor for us early starters,wish her well in her new project.

  15. Kevin Cryan says

    Jenni falconer is a class act on morning radio her gossip she spills on the stars will be sadly missed. She is a really really good DJ. All the best Jenni I’m sure you’ll go on to bigger and better things.

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