Denmark’s Skala FM returns to Wisebuddah for a new station sound

Skala FM has a new jingle package from Wisebuddah with 13 brand new custom themes along with fresh News, Travel and Weather elements.

The package is all built around the heritage Wisebuddah Skala FM sonic.
Jacob Nøhr, Head of Imaging, Skala FM: “We decided to work with Wisebuddah again this time because we have collaborated on a few packages in the past and always felt welcomed. Skala FM with Wisebuddah feels like family.
“For this package, we wanted to do something new – something mature and melodic, yet contemporary – to accommodate a new playlist and keep the station sound fresh for at least the next 2 years. Music is changing rapidly, so having a large jingle package with a variety of IDs allows us to be flexible.

“The production process was smooth, and we had great communication with the creatives. It was the first time we recorded the vocals for the package together in Copenhagen. It’s a great sound! When people hear it for the first time, they say WOW! You can be sure they like it when they walk away singing it.”

Dom Scott, Business Relations Manager, Wisebuddah: “For the new package the team focused on creating a highly positive, feel-good station sound while retaining some of the edge we introduced in the previous 2020 package. The result is an audio identity that is bright, happy, crisp, and current.

“Recording out in Copenhagen was a great way to celebrate over a decade of a great collaboration with Skala FM; and this one with Jacob and the team was the best yet.”

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