TM pays tribute to jingle and gospel singer Benita Arterberry

Long-serving jingle and gospel singer Benita Arterberry has died.

TM Studios, who has been making jingles with Benita for many years, paid tribute on X, saying: “It is with great sadness that we bring you the news of the passing of the legendary Benita Arterberry.

“We lost this treasured heart and gifted singer January 1st. Benita was often requested by clients who loved her passionate delivery and dedicated approach to her craft.

TM CEO Greg Clancy worked with Benita on many occasions and recalls: “I remember many times saying to Benita that a take was perfect. Still, she would ask for ‘one more,’ saying, ‘it’s forever.’

“Thank you, Benita, for your forever legacy of music, joy and love.”

Her funeral service took place at the Black Academy of Arts & Letters in Dallas, Texas, situated at 650 Griffin Street.

You can hear a montage of Benita in the post below, including Gospel Breakfast show jingles for Mike Toolan and K-Lite Houston.

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