More good times and great music at Brandy Jingles for JOE

BRANDY has produced a new jingle package for the rebranding of JOE in Belgium and the launch of a new JOE national radio station in the Netherlands.

The sonic branding highlights the stations’ authentic, fresh and mature identity, based on an exquisite selection of classics.

The jingles feature a number of live instruments and they are sung by vocalists now being heard for the first time in on air design.

“Give JOE a premium sound that has never been heard here before” was the mission from JOE’s management for BRANDY.

Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at BRANDY says: “That lets you know you can pull out all the stops – with live drums, horns and strings. All topped off by a modern production that provides a warm but contemporary sound.”

The package consists of 10 basic IDs, a Top of Hour, and beds for news, weather and traffic.

Diederik Decraene, Managing Director at BRANDY: “Each jingle is a mini-song grabbing the listener from the first to the last second. And the package gives JOE a very strong recognizability, which will undoubtedly boost the brand.”

The jingles went on air last Friday in the Netherlands, where JOE has just received a national radio licence.

In Belgium, JOE – now the third station in Flanders – aims to leverage the package to build continuous sustainable growth.

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