talkSPORT changes to 24 hour sport
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talkSPORT changes to 24 hour sport

talkSPORT will fully live up to its name from April 2nd when it switches to a 24 hour sports station.

It will offer breaking sports news both day and night and increase its coverage of international sports overnight.

Changes to the changes to the schedule from April 2nd also means George Galloway will leave the station, with The Sports Bar being extended to five nights a week

talkSPORT has been extending its sports focused output over the past couple of years, with Richard Keys and Andy Gray joining the station in February 2011 to take over the mid morning 10am to 1pm slot and The Sports Bar joining the schedule last September.

Moz Dee, talkSPORT programme director told “Turning talkSPORT into a 24 hour sports station is an exciting yet natural next step for us. We want to change expectations of overnight radio, focusing on up to the minute sport news and information from around the globe. It gives us a great opportunity to work with an international network of sports reporters covering everything from American sports to British teams and athletes competing on the other side of the world, and makes us the only UK station focused on sport all of the time.”

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  1. Dean Page

    Goodbye Talksport. Was nice knowing you. At least the late shows will provide a remedy for insomniacs now :D

  2. Kendall nagasarky

    wont be listening from april onwards ……5 live will be my chosen sports station . moz dee is a fool . sayonnara peeps .

  3. Annie

    Listening to George Galloway encouraged me to listen to Talk Sport on other occasions. Like many other people who look for good, honest debate on political issues I will now have no reason to tune in.  Talk Sport were lucky to have him.

  4. Ggallion

    this saddens me- your station being the only English service i can gethere in germany since bbc shut off its euro service a while back. you can forget a,f.n.,only canned music and  horrible pseudo military spots.i particularly enjoyed steve berry on weekends. guess ill get more is fine but 24 hours? give me a break! george

  5. Lorraine Shaw

    Absolutely gutted….loved Steve Berry & Matt Forde.  
    I have already switched off 10-1 from the day Keys & Gray joined and cant see myself keeping Talk Sport on during the night now :(  All that I am left with now is Brazil & Irani and Drivetime…me thinks I will be changing stations very soon and search out Ian Collins and hopefully Steve Berry! 

    1. Jennyrowlands

      Couldn’t agree more Lorraine. Maybe Steve Berry & Matt Forde should start up their own station….

    2. Taxidaz70

      Well said . As if 14-16 hours of repeated sports gossip wasn`t enough.Desperately trying to arouse interest in the non story of the day.Thenon sport chat was a chance to comment on other subjects and the skill of the presenters (berry and forde) made for very entertaining listening.Talksport nearly lost a listener when Gaunty was sacked,then dull,sycophants Keyes and Gray were taken on (have you heard the false over-enthusiastic laughing at crap comments/jokes)..This tops it all..Anyone know where Berry and Forde are???

      1. dinkey dock

        Oh and i forgot to mention the legend that is mike parry,the funniest man on radio..these guys should start up their own station.anyone agree Gaunty,Parry,Collins,Galloway,Graham,Berry,Whale.. Top presenters,not just sports `analysts`..Agree???

    3. ian mirfin

      me to pal livesey on radio 5 is about the only thing thats half decent bring back porky talks more sense than keys and gray and thats saying something

  6. Popeyethesailor1962

    Back to bbc world service for me- pity they axed george galloway his show was unique. Hope Kieth Arthur stays.

  7. Michael Crudden

    Whose stupid idea was this?Not every man has sport on the brain:In fact,it bores me rigid!Since Ian Collins left,the overnight shows are the only bearable things on TS.THIS NEWS SUCKS!!!

    1. Gavin5321

      Glad it’s gone 24hr sport…we don’t have top put up with Nigel’s attempt at singing…and Fenian Tommy’s insane zzzzzzzzzz utterings. That’s the down part of having a ‘phone-in’ type station….you get callers who think they own it.. and want to become legends in their own minds…’I must have my slot’…..I thought most who phoned the show(s)….and no more ‘comrade Galloway’…farking marvelous! ;-)

  8. Gary_ratcliffe


  9. Phillthehat

    How can anyone with any sense, broadcast, people talking about stupid games ,24 hours a day?

  10. Moreil846

    Hopefully this will do for moz dee, what’s a great presenter gonna be doing talking about baseball at 3 in the morning? – I give it a month

  11. Chris from Liverpool

    Shame on you Moz, fool. If it aint broke don’t fix it. Thousands of night workers listen to Talksport. Looks like 5 Live win again. Bye.   

    1. Geoff

      Thanks for all the posts its help me to find the best choices now talk sport has gone all sport
      Will the person who changed the format never work again in radio 

  12. Golem Snatch

     How do these lunatics get to control broadcasting. We are about to see the end of what has been one of the best, if not the best, late night radio shows in the UK.  Do the management really think that 24/7 sports commentary will bring in a larger audience. I think not. I`ll bet there are just as many people who have little or no interest in sport than those that do. Bye bye TS, I`m another one down.

  13. Marcusdresh

    What an error of judgement by Talksport!! The Sportsbar is so mundane, basically at the level of a 10 year old, so it’s goodbye from me to Talksport, you really are idiots. George Galloway, and the other evening shows, dealing with current issues really set you apart


    I love sport but during the night when I cannot sleep I listen to Talksport – got fed up with Steve Bury talking about Motorbikes then he changed to  talking about over stuff – but going 24/7 talking sport – will not listen to Talksport ever again! Bonkers  – will find another night station to listen to – have never listened to the 2 who were sacked off of sky.  TALKSPORT IS DUMBING DOWN – HOPE YOU GO BROKE.

  15. Themenace17

    Bad news! I stopped listening to the mid morning show when the 2 mikes left and when Ian Collins left that just left me to the overnight shows. Are Hawksbee and Jacobs staying? They are not 100% sport (at the moment) so will be the only thing I would listen to. Try LBC everyone- I don’t live in London but still listen- it replaced my Ian Collins slot and will now do the same for overnight

  16. Valtimm

    No more Talk Sport for me. Ian Collins gone.! George Galloway gone! Steve Berry going!  I am really surprised the late night presenters are no more, They were very popular, This station will los lots of listeners. :{

  17. tony taylor

    The best thing to happen to Talksport was when the failed comic Matt Forde and his stupid four or five syllable FAKE laugh ended up not doing the Saturday and Sunday night spot; with his unkown comic mates; listening to him and his mate was like being in the playground with a kid that has just learned the word ‘tit’ or ‘cock’ or being in the dentist chair….

  18. Valence Wood House

    * Well, you’ve just lost yet another regular listener……. thru your foolish decision

    What a sick joke ~ Congratulations ‘Talk Sport’ on LOSING & alienating 95% your nightime audience.

    I always found Steve Berry charismatic & engaging in interesting
    debate & made a special point of listening to his show rather than
    watching the box (or DVDs) at night-time weekends.

    By axing the wide variation & chat…. are you aiming to lose ALL your night-time listener-ship & perchance hoping to equal the dullard shopping channels in their laughably low audience figures?

    How often do you really think you can entertain by regurgitating a few sports headlines repeatedly?

    Now I’ve just read some 25+ comments on here, all unanimous in slating your decision & leaving your “new” set up to rot in solitude & isolation with a DULL, very limited & narrow-channeled format.

    Given that’s merely the tip of the iceberg, if the (now 26) folks on here (quitting your channel) are any indication, you may as well now go & concentrate your (bleak) future night-time broadcasting efforts on Spitsbergen or Jupiter……. or any other desolate outpost that MIGHT still remain listening.

  19. Pedro

     What a mistake, I love my sport I watch football all weekend, but there comes a point when you have had enough and always liked matt forde and steve berry to listen to at nights taliking about other topics. I can tell you that no one gives a toss about crap american sports such as baseball and american football, utter p**h. I really hope the station goes down the pan after this

  20. Mandyc

    Nooooo!! What are other non sport fan insomniacs going to listen to??  No more Nigel from Maidstone, Tommy, Patricia and all the other regulars.  Gutted.  Hope all the night time listeners turn off in droves and it’s an epic FAIL.  Will soo miss you Mike Graham.  

    1. pauline from leicestershire

      I feel as though i have lost all my mates in one go, it was bad enough waiting until 1am ,I really miss James lovely Mike Dicken ,all the callers, I now have talking book, its not the same. Pray it all gets back to nornal but will they admit defeat// 

  21. Stulngst

    who wants sport 24/7 i dont

    losing collins was depressing/galloway/very disappointing/berry sad

    if mike graham goes

    talksport hav lost me nightshift

  22. Vr Forrest

    gutted got to listen to 5 live now Steve Berry and Mike Graham were great and all the regular callers like Nigel will so so miss them
    Lost listener

  23. Valgray99

    seems like the regular night time listeners mean nothing ? I’m already looking for another station

  24. Aiddy

    Total & utter madness! BBC 5 Live now on, the thought makes me ill. Someone take the boss at Talksport to a shrink or just get rid of the practicing idiot.

  25. NCB Nick

    The ‘all sport’ format is a rocky road. Atlantic 252 changed from music to sport and, if my memory serves me, lasted less than 12 months before it went off the air. Nearly everyone I know who ever listened to TalkSport only ever listened to Steve Berry and George Galloway.

  26. Jmchall

    24 hours of sport. What a disaster. It was the only programme in English we can get in the South of France. I still miss James Whale.  Will never watch it again. There is too much sport on the radio already.egRadio 5.

  27. janeporter

    what a shame- only recently discovered talksport, loved the mix of sport and current affairs, will go back to 5 live. LOVED George G, Steve Berry

    1. Smiling vulture

      if you look at mike graham twitter account—it’s all the interesting world/uk events he CAN’T talk about.

      His night shift must pass very slow

  28. Bartzxy218

    i love mike graham and steve berry sport 24/7 joke it will not work i wont be listening anymore  it will lose so many listners sad day for so many/ dont worry it will have no choice but to returnto orignal format give it 2 months i hope

  29. G Webb1

    The above is rubbish,!!!! The talk sport nightime conversations are entertaining and has a wide area of interest from politics to the unusual, just what insomniacs, shift workers, young mothers, etc and football enthusiasts need. I have noticed that it is becoming more and more of a talking point in my circle, men and women, surely the ratings proved this point.
     I certainly won’t be watching it,
    It was a conforting friend in the night, and I shall not be watching the new lineup and will miss it dearly.
    Thanks a bunch!!!
    g. webb cardiff

  30. dee

    Why completely change what is a winning station?  I love the sport but dont want it 24/7 and tbh I have no interest at all in American hockey or football. Talksport has been amazing for so many years with a fantastic mix, this I have to say is a poor decision. I leave my radio on talksport almost all of the time and find the presenters brilliant in the main, whats a bit annoying is when the same sporting topic gets dragged on through every show throughout the day BUT that said it is entertaining. Radio 4 or 5  looks like they are going to get another listener… management at Talksport  need to listen to their listeners a bit more I think…

  31. Carl moore

    gutted the station hasnt been the same since james whale tommy boyd and the ginger yeti, i listern to matt ford ian collins and collymore at times but the great debates of the past legends from 10pm at night i miss prity much it was great listerning when i was in bed and couldnt sleep especialy who cares about american sport etc through the night im afraid you are going to lose some listerners gutted carl moore derby

  32. Rosemary

     When I’m awake at odd hours, I suppose I’ll be turning on the telly.  It’s beyond disappointing to lose the talk format which allows listeners to hear ideas and opinions from a cross section of the population. 

  33. Philwood34

    i love sport but havin talksport just about sport is wrong. so no will know whays goin on in the world. no current affairs. no interesting topics total load of balls. will prob change to five live. it is so sad i have listened to talksport for over ten years even when it was talk radio. the management have screwed up. watch the rating drop. thanks for being there talksport it was a blast. ill not be the only one to turn off.

  34. Fraserskillen

    sad times ahead ! a lot of faithful listeners are leaving. Thanks Moz Dee you’ve begun the end of talksport. Remember what it used to be known as ? TALKRADIO ! RIP talkSPORT.

  35. Diannej

    Totally shocked as I really enjoyed listening to your station in the night as I don’t sleep very well, I feel it is certainly a way to loose a lot of your listeners as I certainly won’t be interested in your station any more and will have to tune into five live instead.


  36. Mr_rookie2001

    awful decision, they have lost me. god i miss boyd. whale and others. what a shame.. what memories

  37. Pjbranch

    red card for moz dee don’t mess with the best award winning radio station . pee jay bee.

  38. Anthony Mop

    I work on a night shift with a team of 16 other people. We love Mike Graham’s show but as of April 2nd we shall be tuning elsewhere – even if it means having to find a speech and music station. This is one big decision Moz Dee will regret making, mark my words Mr Dee – you have taken the mouthpiece away from a huge amount of eclectic listeners who enjoyed talking about other things as well as sport. In addition, the station played a major role in being like ‘a friend’ to many elderly and lonely people who don’t sleep well at night. For making such a ludicrous decision as this Mr Dee, you deserve to lose millions of listeners – shame on you!

  39. Timbray1953

    there appears to be more people against the new 24 hour sport format than for it. they will loose listeners. thats bad for them.they dont get the benifits of a licence fee like the bbc.

  40. Isobel

    I loved my footy and all sports etc but find that each show is just covering the same gossip and news. The 1-6am spot was a good listen. I gave it a chance last night but after the first hour i had to switch off – it felt like a forced show. Alas I have now moved off to 5 live so I will be 1 less listener

  41. Eric-christie

    You have lost me thats for sure. Mike Graham should have been left alone to do his show  its the only good thing on here at night. You dont realise just how many listeners you will lose. Rod Sharrp it is from now on. I bet Mike aint happy about this

  42. Geoff Williams23

    What a shame that a wonderfull interactive  programe has been ruined and a lot of people will not have
    any entertainment after 12 All i could listen to was  american football /baseballand skate boarding     
    What next dominoes chess or even draughts I repeat what a shame

  43. Bph

    any change that gets rid of the self riicheous and if your winning an argument,ill cut you off george galloway and the you phone in and listen to me steve berry is fine with me.

  44. Tony

    I listened to the new Talk Sport on the first night. After an hour (after midnight) I turned it off to listen to Five Live as I found it boring. Who wants to hear about American Football, Basketball etc? Maybe 1% of the UK. Mike Graham is probably the best host of all channels, but I fear he will be scraping the barrel before much longer. I am glad Steve Berry has gone, he was 200% boring. He harped on too much about cars and motorcycles, and what he had done. I am surprised he didn’t mention how he pedalled a push bike up Everest, he seems to have done everything else. His short temper, and bad language to people who outsmarted him was not good. I will listen to Ronnie Irani & Alan Brazil, then switch off.

  45. Patburford

    I agree with nearly all of the comments, Talk sport over night was entertaining ,funny,and not always PC but it made good listening when you are working overnight or cant sleep because of health prob;ems etc.Sport is all very well in the day But there are other topics in the world.and some of the very varied and colourful characters that Phoned in i.e patricia,tommy nigel just to name a few that made my evening.Where will they go.I have listened to Talksport for more than 12 years and i.m sorry to say that i will now have to find another station or listen to tapes.Perhaps you will do well changing something that wasnt brokeen but I dont think I’ll wait to find out 

    1. Mandyc

       Well I would probably have put it a bit more eloquently but yes, that about sums it up – lol

  46. Sspagatner

    devastating! no more talk radio just sport! total inconsideration to the needs of people whi want to just talk about the thingsof life. What a shame!

  47. JazzyD

    I miss Talksport in the evening so much, I feel like I’ve lost many friends – the presenters and the audience gang like Nigel from Maidstone. Talksport carried me through several family deaths, like a friend in the dark nights, this has added to my grieving. Sport is not for me, it’s such a terrible decision. So gang please find the other talk station and we’ll meet again.

  48. JazzyD

    I’ve found LBC 97.3, the original talk station. Not as characterful as the old Talksport, but better than nothing. That’s where you’ll find me in the evening.

  49. The Duke

    Used to love the banter at night, shame. Tell me, who the hell is interested in yank baseball at 2 o’clock in the morning?! Rubish radio now, whoever made that decision needs firing forthwith. Off to LBC 97.3….

  50. Rlewis

    I have been listening to Talk Sport’s overnight shows for the last five years and what fantastic entertainment it has been. But now, well it may as well be called Talk Football as that’s all they chat about. I like football but hearing Man U have won a game about a dozen times in one night isnt my idea of entertainment. I don’t think Talk Sport will be Sony radio station of the year ever again

    To hear about candian ice hockey or other overseas sports news well who cares not me for one

    To lose all the overnight general chat shows is a great shame I have listened for a week since the change but I won’t be listening again , mike you should move to a different channel, your talents are wasted

  51. Paulchitty

    I will not be tuning in to talksport overnight anymore – yes,i love sport but i do not want to hear about it 24/7.The programmes with Mike Graham,Steve Berry etc have been wonderfully refreshing with many controversial and interesting topics aired. In particular,Mike Graham’s show was more like a meeting of close friends or family and i dearly miss listening to the contributions of Christine and Nigel.I am not alone in my opinions obviously and many many people will have been confused by such a decision as has been taken. 

  52. Eddrock79

    What a shame! If you Had the choice and liked sports from around the world would you not rather watch it in full, than listen to snipets of it? Personally I have listened to talk sports for years, never called in but really enjoyed the random chat at night! Now what to listen to?

  53. Ksranji

    Stupid decision. Mike Graham was good, he sounds so bored reading news about sport.  I didn’t listen to the fishing programme, but it was kind of good that they had one

  54. Davidjohnmarsden

    Talksport has lost a great deal of the attraction which gave nightime radio much diverse and some alternative listening.  Although some of the late night telephone contributors were often controversial or held strange views there was often excellent control from the presenters.  I now find the vast majority of the overnight broadcasts to be dull and repetative of subjects which are covered quite well at peak daytime listening . Personally I will retune to other stations at nightime.

  55. Tony Malcolm

    For Talk Sport read GEEK Sport. what kind of person can listen to people talkin about sport 24-7?
    I will be shuttling between LBC and Five live in future and less of what has become “anorack,train-spotting sport”.

  56. Mistykylie

    rubbish decision have changed to radio 5 who wants to hear about minority sports all night long bring back chat the regular callers are missed

  57. DavidEss77

     What an absolutely awlful decision!!

    Having presenters such as Mike Graham, Matt Forde and George Galloway provided much needed respite to all the sport during the day (I am a keen sports fan by the way). The late night shows helped entertain me and kept me going during night shifts that would have been extremely tedious although this won’t be as tedious as late night sport reports!!! :-(

    Off to LBC 97.3 for me ……

  58. Jeanwlkr9

    what a waste of a terrific presenter like Mike Graham who has an intelligent view on many subjects. This held the interest of a wide range of listeners who, like myself would return time and time again to your late night programme. You will have lost a vast listening public who like me are looking for a channel which has more to offer than wall to wall sport. A bad mistake by those in charge.
    J. Walker

  59. Timothysmith618

    Another listener lost ! I loved nightime shows but now 24 hour sport not for me . Think on talk sport

  60. tat n srap

    the end of free speech ?and the end of meny a good night with talk hosts that i felt i new ?im sure the idiots behind this will lose bizness ?but they know what they are doing ?they cant have free thought ?or fee debate in a police state goodby freedom

  61. Kamran Akram

    This station needed to open another frequency for nonstop talk it is essential to keep us all happy the station united the country cultures ethnicity and for drivers and truckers kept them awake bring it back or another 24 hour talk radio thank you it also be nice to have a new slot talk asia giving current affairs and chit chat in asian community with some asian and english language combination sponsored by asian businesses the station needs a new station called talk london talk radio united thank you and bring James Whale and Mike Mc Dosar back

    thank you talk radio and talk sport so boring at night we need a new 24 hour talk radio

    Thank You

  62. ian mirfin

    big mistake talksport i loved fri sat nights phone ins george galloway and when you got a northern lad on steve berry i was well made up.dont listen to big headed keys and grey preferered porky parry and andy townsend .ian from eccles

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