Ryan Seacrest disappears from Real Radio
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Ryan Seacrest disappears from Real Radio

Just 18 months after Ryan Seacrest took over late nights on the Real Radio network, his show now appears to be off-air.

The syndicated show, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, started in July 2011 across all five Real Radio stations and was extended in 2012 to a three hour slot each weeknight.

At the time, Group Programme Director John Simons said he was delighted to be bringing one of the best radio shows in the world to the UK.

The 10pm till 1am slot has now been filled by extending the evening show by two hours and bringing forward the start time for the overnight shift.

The show is made in LA for Clear Channel’s 102.7 KIIS FM and syndicated around the US on over 150 stations and around the world, including on Dublin’s 98FM Monday to Thursday 7-9pm.

Real Radio has gone through a number of changes in the last few months including the introduction of networking all but seven hours a day between the five stations and removing football content. The changes are thought to be ahead of a highly predicted re-brand to Heart later this year once new owners Global Radio can take control pending an investigation by the CC.

Real Radio has declined to comment.

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  1. Bright Spark

    Off Air With Seacrest, about time it was pulled as the links were cringworthy but also it was edited in such a way that the links would repeat asthe entire show was sliced and diced with RR questionable music. Thank God it has been pulled.

  2. Declan McGrath

    It was rubbish anyway and when it will be rebranded to Heart it will be replaced with the Late Show because Heart do not do speach lead programming unless Ofcom want to get there nose into the station.

  3. westmann

    What if Global can’t keep the Real network?

    Besides, Heart should rebrand to Real – run everything from Manchester, maybe have Heart 106.2 as:

    6-10 Jamie and Emma
    10-1 Darren Parks
    1-4 Nick Snaith with the All-Request Workday
    4-7 JK & Lucy
    7-10 David Heane
    10-1 Simon Beale

    106.2 Real Radio London… would sound better.

      1. longwood

        I think William Rogers’ UKRD should pick-up Real… would fit in with their portfolio. Real to Heart wouldn’t work… but Real with a playlist similar to Stray or Minster might work!!

        1. Declan McGrath

          But longwood UKRD will not be able to have all the fm licences so if Global Radio have to sell any of the stations UTV or Bauer will have to buy the some of the FM licences. Town and Country broadcast can stay away because they can,t even afford to run a radio station by making format request changes ever 5 minutes.

  4. Len Groat

    Surely THE question to ask is WHY Ofcom allowed this flimsy completely non local/ British show on the air in the first place?

    We know the ‘suits’ who run syndicated UK stations don’t care…. but Ofcom SHOULD !

    1. Declan McGrath

      Len I agree with you on that. Well it did air on the former GWR stations but the smart ntwroking was awful on on air with ryan secrest. Well they did do the right thing of ditching it anyway

        1. Declan McGrath

          Well Global did ditch it in 2008 when they bought gcap media. I wonder why real radio are refusing to comment then.?

  5. Jack

    I’m glad it’s gone. I used to tune in on a night until he came on so I stopped listening. Now that I have just come across he’s gone, I can enjoy again

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