Ronnie Irani leaves talkSPORT breakfast
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Ronnie Irani leaves talkSPORT breakfast

Former England cricketer Ronnie Irani has left talkSPORT breakfast where he has been co-hosting with Alan Brazil.

ronnieRonnie was on-air this morning (Thursday) but speculation has been mounting during the day on Twitter as his profile was removed from the breakfast show page at

A spokesperson from talkSPORT has confirmed his sudden departure: “Ronnie Irani will be leaving the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast with immediate effect.

“Ronnie has achieved huge amounts on the breakfast show over the past six years, during which it reached record numbers of listeners, but the time is right for a change.

“He will remain an integral part of talkSPORT during the Ashes this summer and winter, playing a key role in our cricket coverage.”

A single tweet from Ronnie this morning sees him thanking his listeners:

0 86 12467 23 May, 2013 Industry News Thursday, May 23rd, 2013


  1. No 1 Gooner

    Let’s start a ‘bring back Parry’ campaign. Talksports biggest mistake was getting rid of him!

  2. sl500x

    Joyous day.he was so bad so egotistical and so annoying.always bigging himself up.talked over guestsnd not one ounce of humbleness. A total w…ker.
    Danny Bakers free every day.

    Get rid ok keys gray and durham now.

  3. John

    I suggest people who don’t enjoy the breakfast show, keys and Gray, Sports bar, saggers, Quinn et al; all switch station. No brainer really. #radio2foru

  4. The Truth

    I could deal with his blatant utd bias, lack of football knowledge and even his constant freebie grabbing. What I could not stand was him being an arrogant, smug turd and THAT’S what cost you Ronnie-hope this has taught you that being likeable is an important trait, something you sadly neglected.

  5. Lord of the Sea

    TalkSport needs an overhaul. Sometimes I think it needs renaming to TalkFootball and there are no other sports in the world. Back to the main point though, Irani really was clueless, full of made up anecdotes he’d nicked from others and generally obnoxious – really not sorry to see the back of him. OOof, pelters, he-he-he, my mate Schwiney will see me good Al.

  6. saracen

    We want Gaunt, we want Parry, we want Galloway. Get rid of Durham. Absolutely useless. get rid of Keys & Gray, absolutely useless. Extend Fisherman’s Blues to 3 hours, Keith Arthur is a genius…and I have never been fishing! In the words of Fred Trueman when seeing Mr Irani opening the bowling for England: “Ronnie Irani, Ronnie Irani, who the bloody hell is Ronnie Irani, God help us!”

  7. Margaret Young

    I am not a fan of Andy Murreys but hated the abuse you gave him,that he would never win a grand slam, I thought of you when he won today,wht do you have to say now,,,and you have the sack,goodbye sucker…..

  8. Margaret Young

    You always said I would never win a Grand Slam or come to that anything who is the loser nowxxx

  9. kengriffen

    thank god he’s, gone will start to listen again, not an Essex boy and never will be only got into England side due to Bailey/ Gooch

  10. gypsycliff

    Unfortunately Arani copied many of Alan’s bad habits from rhe begining, ie: Alans heavy drinking bragging, where they had eaten in posh resteraunts, such as The Ivy etc,, ‘knocking for freebies and what they had received , also letting us know what corporate boxes they were invited to, and what they ate and drink there. I agree most of these relate mainly to Alan Alan Brazil is a good radio presenter and very knowedgeable, but I would like him to stop the free adversing he gives to his eateries. He should remember that most of his listeners are normal workers who will never have the money to have all these delights.

  11. Kent Chelski

    Now Roni’s gone who’s next? Brazil bores me boasting about his champagne lifestyle, Keys & Gray …boring! Too bloody serious, Porky Parry, Ian wright. Durham & Gough drive – drive me up the wall! Left wing ginger winger

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