Ronnie Irani leaves talkSPORT breakfast
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Ronnie Irani leaves talkSPORT breakfast

Former England cricketer Ronnie Irani has left talkSPORT breakfast where he has been co-hosting with Alan Brazil.

ronnieRonnie was on-air this morning (Thursday) but speculation has been mounting during the day on Twitter as his profile was removed from the breakfast show page at

A spokesperson from talkSPORT has confirmed his sudden departure: “Ronnie Irani will be leaving the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast with immediate effect.

“Ronnie has achieved huge amounts on the breakfast show over the past six years, during which it reached record numbers of listeners, but the time is right for a change.

“He will remain an integral part of talkSPORT during the Ashes this summer and winter, playing a key role in our cricket coverage.”

A single tweet from Ronnie this morning sees him thanking his listeners:

0 86 8889 23 May, 2013 Industry News Thursday, May 23rd, 2013


    1. Paul Jenkins

      Have to agree with both of the above and I too will start listening again, depending who replaces Chicken.

  1. Grant Ross Davis

    Thank god he’s gone. His knowledge of sport was terrible, his constant fawning and sucking up to get freebies was painful and obvious. I’ll start listening again

  2. Alexis

    Thank god he was so bad and was so biased towards Man United, hopefully now you will get someone who actually knows something about football to talk with Alan.

    1. Mac

      My only though on how irani lasted so long was due to the old percentages game… Heard him once saying he was of “Persian” origin.. Sorry Ronnie! You’ll have to change your name to get away with that one (and even then if the listener has a braincell count less than their shoe size).

      Hope they can now get someone based on their on ABILITY!!!

  3. Eddie

    Should of parted company with keys and grey I think there show is a waste of airtime they spend most of the show looking at what they done the day before and andy grey loves himself far to much Bring back mike parry
    All the best Ron

    1. John

      Some nasty comments going around today following this news.

      Ronnie had/has good chemistry with Alan, tried his best and seems a nice genuine sort. He did sound truly saddened at times today during his last breakfast show, which highlights the fact that nobody likes losing their job, especially one which involved getting up at 4am or so for six years.

      I, for one, enjoyed the banter and will miss him every morning.

      I wish him all the best.

      1. Philip Sherman Jackson

        I agree 100% with you pal, whoever has not renewed his contract, what qualifications has HE got, I guarantee the majority of listeners, will be upset like me, and may change to other morning channels to cheer us up. good luck Ronnie hope to see you back in near future.

  4. chappo

    thank god he has gone dont have to listen to him going on about how good germany is. BRING BACK PARRY, Brazil and Parry are the best double act since morecambe and wise

  5. hothandsharris

    Bring back Parry. He’s a bit like Durham, does your head in sometimes, but you miss them when they are not around.

  6. Peter L

    Hope if they are looking at changing presenters they get rid of Mark Saggers he is useless and Mickey Quinn is an idiot. They can also tell Durhan to get his act together because his lazy just digging at Arsenal is getting in the way of a decent show!!

    1. John-Paul

      So agree with this Durham needs a rocket up his backside because its just lazy journalism

    1. Bill Jones

      I am glad to see the back of Irani and to be honest Brazil needs to go next,i get fed up of all there “shall we nip over to such and such for the weekend”Bring back Porky for breakfast and Ian Collins for the 10 o clock show.I agree with others H&J best double act on radio but wish they would bring some of there really funny stuff back like the south wales fishing report and winners dinners.

      1. jon timms

        Talk sport needs a make over but like so many things in UK it is run by idiots who will make it worse than it currently is. .
        Goldstein is useless and Jason Cundy is much better when sensible than playing Goldsteins poodle. H&J class act and generally both funny and interesting and both genuine sports fans. Andy being a good voice for the older generation who are usually ignored.
        retired sportsmen generally only have so much shelf life and have to move on after a while but there is hope-Matt Holland is very good , sensible modest and down to earth but also very interesting

  7. J-Rod

    Quite possibly the worst ever “sports” broadcaster in radio history, how he ever survived in the breakfast slot on a national station for six years is a mystery that can only be explained by him having some sort of leverage over his employers, this sudden news of his demise has been received joyously by myself and everyone I have talked to today.

  8. charlysays

    thank god he’s gone. can start listening again now to the sport and not his constant references to how fabulously wealthy him and his friends are. more the sports breakfast and not the millionaires breakfast

  9. Monty

    Stopped listening when Keys and Gray turned up & i take it Durham is still a fud. A once decent radio station is now tired and boring.

    Only the return of Parry and Ian Wright can revive it……….

  10. steven.payne343

    My bad week just got better .no longer will i have to listen to irani in the morning .probably the worst presenter behind Brazil I’ve ever heard.all his pre rehearsed boring comments will not be missed .i really pity his family now .maybe stick him on a cricket show after 2am

  11. Shamner

    Let’s hope they bring back Mike Parry. His double act with Brazil was legendary.

    1. Development plus plus

      I also think Goldstein and Irani have to be the worst, both as bad as each other, Goldstein tries too hard to b funny, especially when he covers 1-4. To make Talksport great again bring back James badboy Whale, Porky, Ian Collins or Charlie Wolf at 1am to talk about things not sports related, and bring in Ian Wright with Durham, oh and slot in Porky with Gramham from 10am, and bring in who you like with Alan Brazil. Sorted station great again, sorry Jon Gaunt no room for you but you were an interesting presenter.

    1. Graceyboy

      Mckenna? Why? AM is the best reporter they have by miles. He’s very knowledgeable about many sports inc rugby and cricket. He doesn’t make every report or sentance around 1 base like Moose does with WestHam. Still really happy Ronnie has got the boot. What a free loading, name dropping, self praising berk he reslly is. I want to listen to some genuine intelligence and wit. The intelligence is can come from Matt Holland or Brian Moore for me. Al still provides the wit

  12. Jack Frost

    I think his time was up,nice fellow good luck, he rambled on to much.
    Can Sam Matterface be next he is shocking. BRING BACK PARRY

  13. The Big Fish

    Materialistic and egotistical and only interested in who was minted. A less than average cricketer, an even worse broadcaster and generally an all round bore. Good riddance Mr Irani, the airwaves will be all the better for your absence

  14. Jack Frost

    It’s time for matterface to move on….
    One of his boring comments……..THEY HAVE PLAYED 2 MINUTES AND IT’S STILL NILL NILL

  15. JG

    So one dimensional. Only point of reference for EVERY SINGLE subject was Man Utd or Fergie.

  16. yorke.jh

    poor roni haha I hope Alan geta a partner who knows some Mamés lol porky will do nicely

  17. Hartychoke

    Agreed he was Brazil’s lap dog but the station is blighted by ex sportsmen with no knowledge or charisma. Quinn, Martin, Gough, Cundy……..
    Even Brazil is stale, his ghastly self indulgent love-ins with Potts are frankly sickening.

  18. James Street

    Thank goodness. Never did any presenter manage to bring Man utd into EVERY issue like Ronnie the Red Irani

    1. MLuchag

      lcaines100… Yes! A voice, and more importantly a face… Although we have all been warned about going back to previous pastures!!!

  19. Neil

    Ronnie is a nice bloke, but agree he did go on a lot with his pre rehurst lines!! H & J best two on British radio!!!

  20. bruce2110

    Surely now Talksport can see its to bring back parry !!! porky n brazil best double act on radio !!! Still gonna turn off every day at 10am when keys n gray come on tho !! totally boring same every day big headed pair of numptys !! Talksport needs the variety at 10am it used to have when porky was on ! How can listeners be expected to listen about the same football matches from 6am – 10pm ???? Act fast talksport you need a shake up and fast !!!

  21. CY78

    Thank God he has left used to love the breakfast show with Brazil and Parry. Stopped listening after about a year of Irrani blatantly not having a clue about any other sport other than cricket. How he lasted six years God only knows. I will now start listening again!

  22. ad

    lets hope they now do the same with Goldstein , has to be the most infantile show on radio ! Most people that listen at night have moved on from school boy humour .

  23. Spurs Bird

    Please, please, bring back the Porkmeister! He is sorely missed. The most irritating part of the Breakfast Show now is Henk Potts, a terrible whiny, simpering voice, NOT conducive to good radio! Even though I leave the station on all day, I am bored to the wisdoms by Jason “Funboy” Cundy and that other idiot on the Sports Bar, and the self-congratulatory Keyes and Gray. The jewel in the crown is still Hawksbee and Jacobs. If talkSport can’t get Danny Baker, they may as well hang on to the next best thing!

  24. Manic

    Bloody disgrace ,he was a very good presenter and his interaction with Bernard Brazil was excellent Only possible replacement is Mr Parry who we all miss!

  25. MarkeeG

    Thank goodness they’ve finally had the sense to relieve him of his talkSPORT duties. I’m amazed he lasted 6 years. Whilst I wouldn’t wish anyone to lose their job, he simply didn’t have the presenting skills or persona to carry it off. The incessant pleas for freebies were quite frankly embarrassing & irratating (unlike Brazil who obviously enjoys lots of invites but makes reference to them in a jokey manner and has the grace to turn down many too!).

    I think Matt Holland’s natural style would make him an excellent replacement to partner Mr Brazil in my humble opinion. Graeme Le Saux does a good job too whenever they have him on so maybe they’re lining him up some more regular. Also have to agree with some of the comments below about Adrian Durham – I really think the gig is up. His “shock jock” tactics to encourage people to phone in are so transparent & old hat. Also I really do wish they’d stop re-running large segments of all the previous shows’ interviews/items on the Keys & Gray show. Keep up the good work H&J – entertaining & full of quick wit

  26. Manic

    Having read the numerous comments I can’t understand why all the detractors listen to Talk Sport ,they obviously find so much fault in it .It is not that long ago that we had no sport radio having to rely on Radio 2 for any info. I understand TS is not perfect but I love it and have it on in my car all of the time .Long may it continue!

  27. clive wiggins

    good riddance maybe he can go to work in germany with the numerous doctors who operated on him.just wished he,d told us who took is brain out.always jumping to manu defence & seemed to ba able to be in 2 places at one time.

  28. Zooboy

    I thought we was excellent. Always came over with supreme honesty and sincerity unlike statler and Waldorf afterwards.

  29. Huwie

    People saying Ronnie Irani is clueless about football so bring back Parry!! priceless

    1. george

      Oh please please bring back Mike Parry. He used to really make my day – every day! Trouble is Brazil would never agree to that – so it’s easy really – get rid of Brazil as well; shocking freeloader and can’t even pronounce anybody’s name properly.

      1. Bill Jones

        Seems Mike Parry has appeared on the 7.05am slot this past few days,are they teasing us? Please bring him back.

  30. Col

    Not surprised!
    Amateurish presenter.
    Talksport needs an injection of professionalism. Next I hope will be self congratulatory Keys & Gray. This programme is a self indulgent display that the station can do without.

  31. Ralph

    Glad he has gone did not know much about other sports except cricket ,which he thought he was better than he was,very big headed.done this,Done that ,got this ,etc bring back parry please

  32. Steve b

    Got to bring back porky so entertaining on a morning show. Has not been the same since he it.


    Bring back Porky! Only he can save the Breakfast Show. Big Al and the Porkmiester reunited!!

  34. Football.....YAWN YAWN

    Well, it’s a start. Just Brazil, Hawksbee, Jacobs, Gough, Durham………et al left. Get rid of all of them – this is a miserable excuse for a national radio station. It’s only listeners are generally found adorned with multiple faded tattoos and sat behind the wheels of poorly maintained white vans.

    We need a talk station that entertains not one that bores us non football obsessed plaster/brick layer/decorator types.

    Dull, dull, dull.

  35. No 1 Gooner

    Let’s start a ‘bring back Parry’ campaign. Talksports biggest mistake was getting rid of him!

  36. sl500x

    Joyous day.he was so bad so egotistical and so annoying.always bigging himself up.talked over guestsnd not one ounce of humbleness. A total w…ker.
    Danny Bakers free every day.

    Get rid ok keys gray and durham now.

  37. John

    I suggest people who don’t enjoy the breakfast show, keys and Gray, Sports bar, saggers, Quinn et al; all switch station. No brainer really. #radio2foru

  38. The Truth

    I could deal with his blatant utd bias, lack of football knowledge and even his constant freebie grabbing. What I could not stand was him being an arrogant, smug turd and THAT’S what cost you Ronnie-hope this has taught you that being likeable is an important trait, something you sadly neglected.

  39. Lord of the Sea

    TalkSport needs an overhaul. Sometimes I think it needs renaming to TalkFootball and there are no other sports in the world. Back to the main point though, Irani really was clueless, full of made up anecdotes he’d nicked from others and generally obnoxious – really not sorry to see the back of him. OOof, pelters, he-he-he, my mate Schwiney will see me good Al.

  40. saracen

    We want Gaunt, we want Parry, we want Galloway. Get rid of Durham. Absolutely useless. get rid of Keys & Gray, absolutely useless. Extend Fisherman’s Blues to 3 hours, Keith Arthur is a genius…and I have never been fishing! In the words of Fred Trueman when seeing Mr Irani opening the bowling for England: “Ronnie Irani, Ronnie Irani, who the bloody hell is Ronnie Irani, God help us!”

  41. Margaret Young

    I am not a fan of Andy Murreys but hated the abuse you gave him,that he would never win a grand slam, I thought of you when he won today,wht do you have to say now,,,and you have the sack,goodbye sucker…..

  42. Margaret Young

    You always said I would never win a Grand Slam or come to that anything who is the loser nowxxx

  43. kengriffen

    thank god he’s, gone will start to listen again, not an Essex boy and never will be only got into England side due to Bailey/ Gooch

  44. gypsycliff

    Unfortunately Arani copied many of Alan’s bad habits from rhe begining, ie: Alans heavy drinking bragging, where they had eaten in posh resteraunts, such as The Ivy etc,, ‘knocking for freebies and what they had received , also letting us know what corporate boxes they were invited to, and what they ate and drink there. I agree most of these relate mainly to Alan Alan Brazil is a good radio presenter and very knowedgeable, but I would like him to stop the free adversing he gives to his eateries. He should remember that most of his listeners are normal workers who will never have the money to have all these delights.

  45. Kent Chelski

    Now Roni’s gone who’s next? Brazil bores me boasting about his champagne lifestyle, Keys & Gray …boring! Too bloody serious, Porky Parry, Ian wright. Durham & Gough drive – drive me up the wall! Left wing ginger winger

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