October 20, 2014

BBC Radio Linconshire makes lip dub video

A new lib-dub video to a couple of songs by Take That has been created in Lincoln by hundreds of people in the city by BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

The station, which uploaded the video to YouTube about an hour ago, says it’s a “lip dub celebration across the historic heart of Lincoln. Dancing and singing along to Take That’s Shine and Never Forget.”

Take 10 minutes out and have a watch of the video in HD below:

Posted on Monday, July 22nd, 2013 at 8:27 pm by .

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  • Brian Lister

    What a brilliant way to illustrate a local radio station’s close relationship with a wide section of its community!

  • Mark Budgen

    What a brilliant way to waste a fortune of licence fee payers money for publicity.

    • Ian Whiteley

      What a brilliant way to promote Lincoln – and England. Put it on the UK Tourism website, pronto! We love it.

      • Mark budgen

        What a brilliant way to promote bbc radio lincolnshire, after all that’s all it’s been done for.

  • Observer

    What a brilliant way for a radio station to highlight the fact that so many of its listeners are below normal intelligence.

  • Mark budgen

    As it says in the headline – Lin con shire.

  • Dennis Kay

    That to me was a great video showing that the BBC gets closer to the community than ILR ever will. Well done all at BBC Lincolnshire