Global Radio takes control of Smooth Radio
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Global Radio takes control of Smooth Radio

EXCLUSIVE: Global Radio is starting to integrate parts of Real & Smooth into its business, by moving Smooth Radio London to Leicester Square.

In a group-wide announcement this morning, Global Radio and Real & Smooth bosses told staff the news, saying the Smooth programming and sales teams in London and West Midlands will merge with Global Radio’s teams.

Smooth Radio’s programming team in Manchester, which involves presenters, journalists, producers and administrators will also transfer to London.

Global Radio purchased GMG Radio last June but the two companies have been operating in a Hold Separate situation ever since.

The Competition Commission don’t have an issue with the London or West Midlands markets, but have said Global Radio must sell some stations, including Smooth Radio in a number of regions.

Programming will be made in Global Radio’s London HQ in Leicester Square and provided to all Smooth Radio stations in England, as it does now.

A number of jobs are being put at risk, but no further details have been released.

Smooth Radio Glasgow will continue to take networked programmes from London, along with a local breakfast and afternoon show as required in its Format.

A spokesperson for Global Radio told RadioToday: “Global Radio has today confirmed that the Smooth brand and its programming team will relocate to Global Radio’s headquarters in Leicester Square by the beginning of October.

“The Real and Smooth Limited Direct sales team will also relocate to Leicester Square and to the new Global broadcast centre in Birmingham by October. Remaining areas of business will continue to operate under hold separate.”

In March this year Global Radio offered to sell Real Radio XS and Gold East Midlands to please the Competition Commission but this was rejected.

A tribunal is set for October in which Global Radio will argue against the CC’s decision which said Global Radio must sell stations in the Wales and Scotland, along with England’s Northeast, Nortwest, East Midlands and Yorkshire.

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  1. James Martin

    Think you guys mean Smooth West Midlands – in the East Midlands it’s sell Smooth or Capital as things currently stand.

  2. Seen It

    Now as no one apart from management will ever know the plans for Global/GMG fully; but does this not seem to nod towards a full integration of Smooth?

    Does this potentially point towards Smooth being an assent they plan on keeping regardless of any future ruling? Of course they can currently integrate whatever they want as long as it stays within the current ruling and at a later point (which is already scheduled) argue for the other parts of GMG.

    1. Radio Geordie

      The other week, there was a conversation about JACK FM coming to certain areas – oddly, in the same areas where GLOBAL were told to sell.

      Intelligent people were pointing the finger at Smooth being the likely service to be sold in most areas with a couple of Capital’s and possibly a Heart thrown in.

      After reading this, added to Jack FM coming to the same areas, it looks like it could well be Capital that’s sold instead.

      Would Global really be selling Capital?

      If they do, it then becomes obvious that the Capital re-branding didn’t work.

      1. qut6

        I have heard that Real Radio is being looked at by another group as ripe for takeover. Not Bauer, not Orion, but who??

        As for Capital, I think that most of them will be kept, although UKRD are looking at Capital Scotland to maybe rebrand to Star according to TMZ apparently… that’s what they posted there this afternoon – but that went from 4pm today!

        I speak with insider information from a man in the know.

        1. Radio Geordie

          If that is the case, they’d come up against some opposition as Kingdom FM, Your Radio and Central FM would all be broadcasting with a similar format to a new Star service.

          Central especially would oppose as they’ve just quietly launched across Central Scotland on DAB recently.

          As Real and Heart are similar formats, Real would be the obvious candidate for keeping and re-branding.

          1. qut6

            I had heard a foreign group is looking into buying Real. Not American though… and not NRJ, certainly.

            Also, as for Capital Scotland becoming Star, this was what’s been spread around TMZ and a few showbiz sites.

            My man “in the know” tells me this.

            He’s also told me that another major British player’s looking at Real with interest… and it ain’t Bauer!

  3. Dan

    Haven’t heard anymore about tribunal! Have Global bought the whole thing or is it still under a hold separate?

    1. Chris

      Still under hold separate. Because the case has been taken to court, nothing can reported on it unless there are known facts

    2. Martin Phillp

      Global are allowed to operate Smooth London and West Midlands as well as local sales, which is what they’re doing. Advertising for the NW, NE, Glasgow and East Midlands will continue to be provided under Hold Separate by Real & Smooth Ltd, they will also provide news and local programming for Glasgow.


    I hope that UTV could get Real and Smooth’s assets – Real Scotland becoming The Pulse Scotland maybe??

    UTV are an underappreciated group, everyone focuses on Global mostly on the radio sites, yes, they network, but it’s REGIONAL radio and isn’t as brash as Heart, is it?

    Tony Horne is networked, but not on all stations!!

    UTV should get the Real Radio network… would complement their stations quite nicely, or failing that/

      1. TEDPITMAN

        Not Tony… but maybe UTV Radio owning Real?
        At least they’d probably go back to being semi-local anyway, like the Pulse is, 3 local shows a day!


      Real Radio could continue… if UTV bought it and the trademarks from Global.
      Just think, Real could run from Wigan or Manchester for network, maybe even have Real Club Classics renamed to Real Party Classics, get Simon Beale on the new Real network late show with a phone-in like the old Graham Torrington Late Night Love show… could just work!

      UTV do make good radio… Wish FM and Signal 107 sound good, maybe selling off Real and keeping Smooth would work!??

      1. Bright Spark

        I’d rather have Century back to be honest but for one reason and one reason only – Hacienda Sessions. The stuff Real air on Friday / Saturday nights is dreadful, I mean Real Club Classics, none of the tunes are mixed. Give me This Is Grame Park: Radio Show anyday.

      2. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

        Sorry To Say To You That Graham Torrington Is On The BBC Midlands Late Show Now It Is True

  5. pat james

    Think they should bring back the old pirate stations ,when djs were djs and people listened for there origality instead of nowplaying what they are told.Changes made over the last couple of years on smooth were not always for the better seem to be too many repeats and as for adverts we do not switch on a radio to listen to adverts but for some good music. Feel sure that a lot of the djs will agree with me .And as for moving everything to London and expecting people to either go with it or risk losing their jobs ,People seem to think bigger is better this is not always the case .Feel that some of these radio stations will lose listeners not gain.After all its all about quality not quantity .

  6. Bainey

    Personally I think you’re all barking up the wrong tree global bought GMG for one reason and one reason only to get there hands on real radio to expand heart for them now to off load real would be sheer madness and even global know that personally I think the smooth brand will be gone soon and replaced by gold if anything they may choose to sell of some capital stations? Heart is globals flagship brand there’s no way on earth are they going to let Real go that easily without putting up a fight first I can tell you all now it won’t be real that goes they want to re brand them to heart

  7. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    I Do Think Wright Now That Global Radio Has Start The Take Over Of Smooth Radio Now Smooth Radio Has Got Paul Hollins On From 12 Midnight Till 4Am Then From 4Am Till 6Am They Got Nicola Bonn On Smooth Radio Early Show Now And The Presenters Are Not Saying This This Is The Home Of Simon Bates At Breakfast This Is Smooth Radio Now When It Is News Time Now On Smooth Radio And David Jensen Is Not Doing His 70s At 7 After The 7Pm Now On Smooth Radio What Has Global Done To Smooth Radio Now I Think Time Will Tell Soon What Is Global Is Doing To Smooth Radio Now I Just Hope God And David Cameron Will Stop Global From Making A Good Radio Station Smooth Radio In To A Bad Station But I Did Tell You All This Would Happen When Global Got Their Hands On Smooth Radio And Real Radio And You All Did Tell Me To Go Away So Am I Wright Now What Do You All Think? Now Just Don’t Start Saying Bad Things About Global Now When They Have Made Smooth Radio So So Bad That What Global Is Doing Now It Is True

  8. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    I Do Hope Now Some Of The Well Known Presenters Like Simon Bates And David Jensen And Pat Sharp And Andy Peebles Will Move Over To The Wireless Now Like David Hamilton It Be Good That Will Now

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