Listen to the launch of JACKfm 2 Oxford
Listen to the launch of JACKfm 2 Oxford
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Listen to the launch of JACKfm 2 Oxford

Glide FM has been replaced by JACKfm 2 in Oxford, which launched at 10am today using the new strapline “Playing what YOU want”.

It’s the opposite of JACKfm which plays “what we want” and is available on FM, DAB and online.

JACKfm 2 is powered by Listener Driven Radio‘s CLICKtoPLAY system, where listeners can browse the station’s playlist, vote for songs to be played and get alerts by text, tweet or e-mail when their favourite songs are about to play.

It’s the first “JACKfm 2″ and is targeting females under the age of 30 to complement the original 106 JACKfm which appeals to adults over 30.

The station will be non-stop music with the exception of breakfast, hosted by Caroline Verdon and Trevor Marshall, previously on JACKfm.

General Manager Ian Walker said: “In just five years since launch, 106 JACKfm has become the most successful local radio station in the UK, picking up 23 industry awards. JACKfm is also already the UK’s fastest growing radio brand. With the digital landscape evolving across the country, we’re delighted to launch the first JACKfm 2 here in Oxfordshire”.

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  1. Vertigo

    I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never heard so much self indulgent tosh in all my life… finished with a music demonstrator that only demonstrates they’re playing exactly the same tracks that Heart play, just surrounded by more self indulgent tosh. This isn’t entertainment. This is just tosh.

    I just don’t get it.

  2. JX

    Pathetic name and no doubt will deliver a pathetic RAJAR has it always does.

    So really the money paid for a new sign outside the door will prove to be a waste.

    No doubt all the sheep who work there will be bleating away how good the idea from senior management was to rename (again).

    Now unless they have something extreme planned, let us all now sit back and watch rajar stay exactly where it was.

  3. Mr X

    Can no one else see what’s happening here?

    ARI (or Oxis) are a radio programming consultancy firm. They operate a relatively successful Jack FM licence in Oxfordshire.

    They also have an unsuccessful, fairly useless frequency covering just the city of Oxford. They could hand the thing back and let 107.9 go dark. Or they could use the transmitter to try out new formats and experiment with new ideas.

    FM107.9 was an experiment (a youth station), Glide was an experiment (a TV/movie slanted female station), Jack FM 2 is an experiment (listener controlled radio). If one of these experiments works, then the format can be licensed out to other operators around the world. If not, what have they lost? It’s not like they’re messing with a highly successful heritage licence or paying out salaries for lots of jocks.

    People thinking that the aim of this station is to clean up in the ratings in Oxford and bring in thousands in revenue are barking up the wrong tree.

    1. MB

      They wanted to turn it into an easy listening station (aimed at over-45s) but Ofcom rejected the format change application.
      As a result they are stuck with an under-30s format.

    2. James Martin

      I would franchise 107.9 out to Global to run Capital Oxford. Under the present rules it would be able to be based in Heart Thames Valley’s studio complex, saving on costs associated with putting the technical infrastructure in at Woodstock Road. Then run a proper radio station on the Oxfordshire license.

  4. James Martin

    Sorry to be a bit Len Groat for two minutes but…

    What a load of tosh. The Jack brand is boring, self-indulgent and nothing more than an automated jukebox.

    Oh and you’re not a radio station. A radio station has PRESENTERS, local news, local travel, local information.

    You are a JUKEBOX. An automated JUKEBOX. You are doing NOTHING which my Spotify account cannot.

    Passion 107.9, how we still miss thee.

    1. RStein

      “A radio station has PRESENTERS, local news, local travel, local information.”

      All of which the JACK stations have in this country. In fact Oxford is award winning in the news area.

      Of course there are no presenters outside of peaktime but let’s be brutally honest – even on stations that do have presenters they are very much secondary outside of peaktime.

  5. Radio Geordie

    This was tried years ago on the XFM network of stations and was an EPIC FAIL as listeners saw it for what it was. A cheap way to make money out of the listeners.

  6. rupertkirkham

    Why doesn’t the terrible (embarrassing) launch promo mention the supposed USP of the ‘new’ station, LDR?

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