Global welcomes Smooth Radio to London HQ
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Global welcomes Smooth Radio to London HQ

Smooth Radio has made the move to Leicester Square this week, and has just announced Tina Hobley is joining the line-up.

The television actress will host a weekly show, Smooth Sundays, from 9am till 12pm starting this weekend.

New owners Global Radio say Tina will be playing the best music from the past five decades as she makes her radio debut.

Tina is known for a number of television roles, including Coronation Street and Holby City.

“I love listening to music on a Sunday morning, so this is a dream for me. I can’t wait to present my first show on Smooth Radio,” Tina said.

Richard Park, Global’s Director of Broadcasting, said: “Following the launch of our brand new studios in London, we are thrilled to welcome a new presenter to the Smooth Radio family. Tina is a natural radio presenter and together with the perfect mix of music for Sunday mornings, I know that our listeners will love her new show.”

Other changes to the weekend schedule are expected to be announced shortly.

Leicester Square-based Global Radio purchased Smooth Radio (as part of GMG Radio) last June but the two companies have been operating in a Hold Separate situation ever since due to competition issues in seven areas.

The Competition Commission doesn’t have an issue with the London or West Midlands markets, but have said Global Radio must sell some stations, including Smooth Radio in a number of regions.

Global Radio and the Competition Commission are in court today at 10:30am for a Competition Appeal Tribunal which is expected to take place over two days.

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  1. James Martin

    Sounding really good so far. I notice that the DigitalSpy lot hate it, which is probably the best endorsement you can get!

    1. Len Groat

      It’s not just DS – read the comments from the (former) fans on their Facebook page! They seem to have taken off all the elements that made them listen: ‘Our tune’, the ‘Motown Show’, and the daily competition (also known as listener bribe) It’s been ‘GWR’d’ !

        1. Len Groat

          It’s not that I don’t like it – I never listen! They treat the ‘art form’ of radio as if it’s a cookery class, and think anyone who is pretty and ‘on the telly’ can do it!

          1. Graeme Boxall

            Well said Len. I think back to the 90’s and the level of critique I received for each of my demo’s as I learnt my trade, because rightfully as you say radio should be, and was, treated as an art form. Nowadays BOOM ! ! any trolley dolly off the telly inexperienced in radio gets a slot on one of the bigger profile stations, and I, like you, never listen to the rubbish that has become of the radio I once was so passionate about.

          2. Len Groat

            Thanks for that – I find these comments are usually ‘attacked’ by bitter people who have never actually achieved anything as regards radio careers.

            I fear nothing will change in UK radio until the syndicated stations have a broader input of opinions and ideas; they are particularly lacking in the thoughts of WOMEN in their management and programming policies.

          3. CommonSense

            Not actually done a show yet – so maybe save the criticism until you’ve heard it? Just a thought?

      1. Disgruntled Radio Listener

        Made up of the same 4-5 people who are moaning on Digital Spy. It’s a no win situation for Global, they’d moan if Smooth was merged with Gold, yet they decided to work on the brand and they still moan. Changes to the presentation style had to happen as it was too waffly and all over the place musically.

        1. Len Groat

          I’m not even on DS… and you might ask why the 35,000 who (supposedly) ‘like’ the Smooth FB page are not posting how good the new format is ? The new format is ‘background radio’ and does not evoke listener enthusiasm.

          1. nealjames

            ‘Background radio’? – Wasn’t it the Managing Director at the launch of a former station that you worked at (in Nottingham!!) that stated something along the lines of ‘everyone who works in radio knows that radio is wallpaper…and people are particular about what wallpaper they choose’ (maybe not the exact quote but the sentiment is clear). Wallpaper and background radio – are they not the same?

          2. Len Groat

            Hello Neal ! I’m not sure which of the 5 Managing Directors I worked with in East Midlands you refer to? I was there 17 years….. An interesting quote, but NOTHING to do with MY radio philosophy or the style I cultivated in my teams for the radio services.. oops sorry ‘brand’ :-)

  2. Mr X

    I almost fell asleep reading this!

    “I love listening to music on a Sunday morning.” Really? This sounds like the most exciting thing ever to appear on our nation’s airwaves…

    1. Disgruntled Radio Listener

      Gold possibly, considering it’s been removed from some areas to fit in other stations after the closure of the MXR mutiplexes.

  3. James Martin

    Also worth pointing out they’re clearly re-modelling the station to go
    for Magic’s throat. I’m also going to make a bold prediction. I’m gonna predict that it’ll be at least Top 3 in
    London by 2015.

  4. Pete Smith

    Sounds really qualified for the job'”Loves listening to radio on a Sunday morning”
    God help us! Jocks who have spent their whole lives collecting music and honing their craft
    Must be wishing this Smooth the very best!

  5. Paul Lane

    I was looking forward to the new Smooth, but am not impressed so far. Its main problems seem to be a smaller playlist and the absence of anything modern. I heard the same track three times the other day, for instance. There’s also a lack of presenter interaction, and although the previous format had its problems, I’m wondering what makes this version stand out from all the other stations that do the same thing.

  6. stevieg

    I like listening to the radio on a Sunday morning and I have absolutely no experience of presenting a radio show so when will I get a show on Smooth?

  7. Neil

    Solid gold gem,Big L & Jazzfm are my daily listen ..cant stand repetition all the time on likes of smooth,gold,magic ..Global have not done any real damage to smooth radio as it was destroyed when it became a clone of all the other stations under GMG.

  8. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    Well Global Would Say This Now Welcome To Smooth They Will End Smooth Take It Please Now And Under Stand They Are Going To End Smooth 70s Soon That Is True So I Say And Just Hope Simon Bates And Pat Sharp And David Jensen Just Try And Fight Off Global Now Do Not Let Global To Do This To A Good Station Smooth That Is True

  9. Bainey

    well here it is people the start of GOLD FM is coming the move to leicester square was just the start for smooth I predict by the end of this year possibly no later than early 2014 Smooth will be gone and replaced by Gold, and then it will be Real Radio Turn as global will be keen to get them rebranded to Heart ASAP as for as the court case goes Global aren’t stupid they now they have it in the bag

  10. vinny

    Look forward to hearing the show but its a shame it Will be the same songs that are played.all week thanks to globals very crap playlists of 100 songs then re run them again. Pathetic.

  11. Allen Fleckney

    I’m sure Tina is a great person with a lovely voice, but unless she has had some intense training from a Radio professional, it won’t work, plus if the best line the multi million brand That is global can come up with is saying she will be playing the best music, then, I wouldn’t bother.

  12. Ratman

    Stop Press…….. I just Emailed Smooth to find out what has happened to Andi Peters Sunday Morning show as I saw that Tina Hobley had taken the slot… They told me that Andu has left! Well he didn’t last long! I have been listening to Smooth for 5 years + and I have noticed the new owners have made a shed load of changes e.g Simon Bates has ‘lost’ Thousand Pound Minute and Our Tune and where has Jonny Gould got to! – Shambles if you ask me – if it iant broke don’t fix it!!! RIP the original Smooth Radio.

  13. Len Groat

    Proof of the Pudding : Richard Park said “Tina is a natural radio presenter” Well, natural in THIS case means voice-tracked and all short links today! Park also said “I know that our listeners will love her new show…” but her Twitter page had one post and 2 RE Tweets and the Smooth Radio account had one Tweet….

  14. Larry David

    I now only listen to Jazz FM and Mi-Soul on line.Please God Park doesnt get his hands on that.Smooth should be looking to be an original station not a watered down Heart or Magic.Dont be put off by the Jazz in the name Jazz FM its 80% a Soul station

  15. chris

    used to really like Smooth-a good mix of new/old songs that you didn’t hear too often. Now it’s just Heart/Magic/Gold playing same songs again and again.Seems like it may end up as gold on Fm which is a shame as Gold plays the same few songs again+ again. 5 decades to choose from and variety is tiny. Radio 2 for current/old mix or specialist Internet radio for me from now on…………..

  16. Radlett lol

    Used to really enjoy listening to Smooth, it was my alarm clock, my journey to work, my daytime station and my journey home. The lack of interaction, Jonny Gould, our tune etc has helped me find Heart Fm…it’s a shame I’ve had to replace Smooth but….

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