Smooth Radio 70s to close after 21 months
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Smooth Radio 70s to close after 21 months

Smooth Radio’s younger sibling Smooth 70s will close this weekend less than a week after being under the new control of Global Radio.

Smooth 70s launched in December 2011 as a replacement to Smooth Christmas, but went on to attract an audience of 749,000 within a year by broadcasting on the national DAB platform.

The station was run by a small team based at Smooth Radio based in Manchester, headed by Group Deputy Programme Director Chris Stevens.

The Digital One space will be filled by Global Radio’s latest brand extension, Capital XTRA.

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  1. Bob Cooper

    Sounds like the new owners of Smooth Radio haven’t got a clue about running radio stations. Perhaps they should be organising a booze up in a brewery where they can’t go wrong? No, perhaps not!

    1. MB

      Global had their highest ever number of listeners in the last RAJAR.
      Smooth Radio was loss-making under the previous owners.

    2. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

      That Is True Global Has Not Got A Clue They Are Only Thinking How Rich They Can Get Now Global Is That Is True I Just Hope Bauer Media Will Re Name Aboslute Radio 1215 To Magic Now That Would Be Good Now

  2. David McDonald

    Global radio are hideous. If its not playing one direction or sister sledge there not interested.

      1. Stephen Barnes

        Real xs and gold now smooth 70s used to like the arrow too bad news it’s all teen stations now. Bad decisions

  3. Neil

    Its just a jukebox anyway,just a bunch of saddos in mourning for this on digital spy,when huge amount of online 70s streams available online with a bigger selection,at least Global are replacing it with a radio station and presenters too although really they should save costs and ditch DAB dead and buried mono radio

    1. Tim Mullen

      No overbearing presenters – including the Gold Radio presenter who I have have reported for online bullying – just people like Mike Sweeney who genuinely know what they’re talking about, and few even more tedious commercials. A decent selection of music, slightly better than Absolute 70’s, that was Smooth 70’s. Another piece of radio worth listening to being replaced by trash; Capital XTRA sounds horrifyingly bad to anyone with a half-decent taste in music. I may not be on Digital Spy, but if that makes me a “saddo in mourning” then I’m proud to be a part of that group who are ignored by today’s radio companies.

      1. neil

        Go on Big L or solid gold gem uk or even jazzfm colourful radio & mi-soul <<good music & not repetitive either

      2. MB

        A commercial radio station with very few commercials isn’t doing very well, good news for the listener but not for the owners. The revenue has to come from somewhere, and they don’t get listener subscriptions or public subsidy.

        1. Tim Mullen

          Point taken; to be fair my listening tends to be more late evening/through the night when I guess commercials are generally at their minimum. However that was a lesser point than the choice of music which is going to be replaced by what sounds like the diametric opposite to the 70’s.

        1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

          Yes You Are So Wright On That Gold Presenters Are Being Move Wright Now On To Smooth If You Did Not Know Now It Is Happening Now Just Look What Presenters What Is On Gold What Is On Now On Smooth It Is Not Nice Of Global To Do It But They Have Rush In And Taken Over Smooth Not Nice At All Now

      3. Brian Christopher Winter

        Capital Xtra is an attempt to reach the black youth market with more rap, ragga, R N B and the other mindless trash that they seem to think passes off as music. BBC Radio 1 Xtra already play this stuff, so why Global had to remove a loved and perfectly good station for this hdious trype one has to wonder.

  4. john kempton

    WHY?Global no nothing of what the people want in the radio world.I think we should all boycott dab radio stations under their control.What a bunch of twats they are.

    1. robert gallo

      How right you are,I( agree 100% with what you say!¬ Its a scandal and disgrace that these Global people cut off something which is clearly very popular and liked. Have you tried writing to Global Boss to complain? I have just done it and not yet received a reply.

    2. Tomoptt

      Totally agree. Just had a listen to the station that is going to replace Smooth 70’s. What a load of garbage. Obviously they see no profit in an older audience. Shame, its all i listened to in the car. Looks line radio 2, BFBS and the local Lincs FM. Certainly will not listen to any more channels owned by these morons.

  5. John Hoad

    Smooth Radio 70’s has been the only station worth regular listening in the last few months. Global you have not got a clue !

    1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

      I Go Along With You On This Smooth Radio 70s Was A Good Station And So Was Smooth Radio Was As Well It Is A Shame That Ofcom Let Global To Get Their Hands On Gmg Smooth Radio And Real Radio It Is All Global Controll Now DAB As Well I Just Hope Some One Wake Up Now And Go Along And Blow Up Or Set Fire To Global Radio Group Now It Is Too Much Controll What Global Got Now It Is Not Nice And Good For All The Others Commercial Radio Stations Groups And Media Groups Here In The Uk Please Stop Global From Changing Smooth Radio In To Gold Please Now That Is True Now

      1. alf

        Dave, this sounds almost like you’re threatening the Global Radio group with some sort of terrorist act – do you want to remove this comment before somebody alerts the authorities?

    2. Mike in B'ton

      I just bought a DAB radio yeterday, and what joy it was when I found out I could listen to a station with only 70’s music. Now I find my listening plesure is going to cut short………….poor show!!!

      1. Ruthie

        I did exactly the same thing Mike my friend told me about it …………I thought there was actually something wrong with my new radio when I couldn’t get Smooth 70’s any more…….was gutted when someone at work also listened to this station told me that it was no longer running!! miss Casey Kasum on Sat morning while doing my housework!!

  6. Jamie

    Why ? And replace it with capital xtra. When capital radio is one of if not the worse radio station I have had the misfortune of listening to

    1. Brian Christopher Winter

      My point here is that Global seem to doing so much for the younger listeners. This Capital Xtra thing is only to copy BBC Radio 1 Xtra. They obviously thought Kiss, as a brand failed to capture the audience.

  7. dk

    I thought they would have closed smooth 70 & put gold on DAB instead ?. I wonder what the future for gold ?

    1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

      No Global Will Not Do This Smooth Christmas At All That Is True They Are Fat Cats Just Liked The Bank Managers Are That Is True At Global Now Sorry To Say To You All

    1. almorr

      I am sure this will do nothing to help sell DAB radios, its bad news for someone thinking of buying one.

      1. Bob Cooper

        The biggest mistake re DAB in this country is having them owned by a ‘landlord’ to whom the stations pay extortionist rents. The overheads to many stations are prohibitive and in some cases puts their future in the balance from month to month. Premier Christian Radio being just one example!

  8. richard parkhurst

    Smooth 70s was the best station on the DAB network, our radio has stayed on this channel since the start. At this point in time i feel that global are going to make a very big mistake. There is a place for a quality 70s only station and smooth 70s was just that. Global you will now continue to distory the uk radio network i for 1 will turn off for good now as an LBC and classsic FM listener which are also under the global empire. The 40 plus age group is a large part of your radio listnership so i hope that we all tune away and leave you with no revenue from the adverts. Lets hope you will rethink what you are doing but i suspect you are driven by men at the top that only look at the cash cow that you think you have.
    This is a very sad day for radio in the uk lets hope you can turn this around and maybe start an new an rebranded 70s radio station.
    Richard in Sussex

    1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

      I Will Go A Long With You Richard Parkhurst
      Smooth 70s Was The Best Station On DAB Network Global Come A Long And Take It A Part And Yes I Do Feel Global Are Making A Big Mistake Now On This And On Smooth Radio Now Just Look At The New Shows On Smooth Now It Is A Switch Off This Morning From 12 Midnight Just Non Stop Music No Presenter On Smooth Till 6Am That Is Not Good Let Get Rid Of Global Now Please For Good

      1. Brian Christopher Winter

        Dave, a polite request please. Can you drop the caps for every word. Visually impaired users with screen readers find aps very irritating.

    2. paul.t.stoke

      I also! Listened from day 1. station ever. Unbelievable that they can’t see the popularity. Bloody morons. Rip smooth 70s you will be mist by many

    3. richard parkhurst

      just go to tuneradio on the internet select 70s and away you go, stick that up ur pipe global no need to listen to ANY of yr output any more. see you

      1. AlMorr

        That’s OK for people like me or you who have a wi-fi radio or Tunein Radio, but remember we are talking about DAB, that is what people are complaining about, perhaps Absolute Radio 70’s will get to be a National Station on DAB.

        1. richard parkhurst

          lets see how long its wil last, its all about the adverts and they will have to prove that crapital extra has the listeners but until then for DAB yes absolute radio is the only 70s output they have to offer and thats is very limited. smooth 70s had the right balance of adverts, talk and music. absolute 70s when i last tuned in was still taking opt outs into the main stations programmes so was not 70s 24/7 thanks for yr comments

  9. Rhinestone Cowboy

    Such a shame :(, anybody point this sad 70’s kid in the direction of a decent alternative. My cows love listening to it, expect my milk yields to drop if they have to listen to Capital.

      1. MB

        I wonder how long Absolute 70s will last after Bauer take control, bearing in mind that the Absolute Radio group has not made a profit in any of their five years on-air.

    1. Bob Cooper

      I doubt if the poor cows will want to go into the shed if they are forced to listen to Capital’s noise!

      1. richard parkhurst

        happy eggs from happy chickens not longer if they have to listen to the crapital station

    2. AlMorr

      Ha, expect sour milk from now on if they have to listen to the noise that is called music on Capital or Capital Xtra

  10. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    Global Do Not Under Stand That Is True I Come From Gloucester Here In Gloucester Their Is Heart And Gold In Gloucester But Do I Listen To It No I Do Not I Will Tell You Why Their Are No Live Presenters In The Studios In Gloucester AnyMore The Shows Are Voice Tracked I Do Not Like That They Should Be Live For One Thing And This Non Stop Music Over Night With No Live Presenter On Is No Good At All I Can Go On To My Pc If I Wanted Too And Listen To Music Let Say Youtube Or I Could Put A Cd On My Self It Is Like That And These Big Radio And Media Broadcasters Say They Got No Money All The Time Sorry They Should Not Say This To Us The Listeners Now It Easy For Them To Say This Blame It On No Money They Should Think Now And Global Got To Big For Their Boots Now It Is True Just Think On This Now Please Then You Might Get It What I Am Saying And Now Global Has Taken Over Smooth They Will Let Us Down And I Will Say This As Well All The Managers At Global Are Fat Cats Just Liked Our Bank Managers And Ofcom Is To Blame As Well They Let It Get To This Now If Only Ofcom Just Listen To Us The Listeners A Bit More It Might Be Good But Untill They Do It Be Like What We Got Now

      1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

        Severn Sound Did Get Taken Over By Chiltern Radio Then By Gwr Group Then GCap Media What Is Known As Global Now It Is Heart 102.4 Gloucester Now And Gold On 774 Am In Gloucester It Is Not Good

      2. Allan

        I was told by a radio exec at a meeting in Leeds a few weeks ago that Smooth 70s time was just about up. I failed to believe it as it was a fantastic station and had a great following on DAB (Not to mention for me I would miss Casey Kasem!) But there we go the plugs been pulled by the Global management.
        Maybe going forward someone with a few bucks spare will bring back the all 70s format to DAB (oh yea don’t forget Casey)

    1. robbo316

      Please, for the love of god, learn how to use PUNCTUATION!! All I see on your message is several black lines. It’s really not that difficult.

      1. AlMorr

        Fully agree with you ‘robbo316′ regarding the post from Dave Wiggy Wiggans, its just 1 sentence spread over about 100 lines, no commas, no periods, every word begins with a capital, terrible. I do get the jist of his letter regarding the closure of Smooth 70’s, he is just annoyed as you and me and another 100,000+ listeners.

  11. Brian Christopher Winter

    This to me is a totally stupid move on the part of Global. If it has 749,000 listeners, that is not an audience figure to be sniffed at. They are saying with on air announcements that you can hear your favourie 70s songs on Smooth radio. Maybe, but not as often, and not as many as they will be mixed in with the 60s and 80 and all the other dross. This is a unwelcomed barbaric kick in the teeth to older listeners. Agism of the worst kind.

  12. Jennifer

    I would like to say that I will really miss this station. I can listen to it all day and never get tired. There is nothing for around the 50 and 60 age mark anymore. It’s either 1980s or 1990s. This is one of the best radio stations going on DAB. I don’t know what I’m going to do. We have GOLD on Sunday mornings but they do not have the range of different songs as Smooth 70s does and we have to listen to them through SKY. Don’t these people realise how much this station is liked. I don’t even need to buy CDs anymore as I’ve got everything I like to listen to on this station. Why is it when something comes along that most people like in this day and age and it gets ruined and stopped just like that. Just shows you how big brother controls our lives!

    1. AlMorr

      There is a great station from Holland called Radio 10 Gold 60’s and 70’s, try that on Internet Radio if you have one.

      1. Steve Frangou

        Thank you AIMorr for telling us about Radio 10 Gold 60’s and 70’s, tuned in and listening right now

  13. jay

    No way will I be tuning in to dance music.It is hideous and alien. The black population of the Uk is just under 3% , so that is 97% that are not! . Same as BBC older listerners are discriminated against . Why can we not have a 70 music station there are loads of stations that play electronic rubbish for those who like that sort of muzac. I love smooth 70 it is the best station and there is no comparison , capital gold was dreadful and absolute 70’s plays current music instead of 70’s music most of the time.

      1. jay

        fact 3 % black decent in the UK , a population stat from the UK population census 2011, the new station will be marketed at black urban youth , fact from the company that owns this wavelength .

        It is not being racist in quoting facts, people like you who jump on the racist bandwagon need to learn to understand the concept of debate and presentation of facts. This is a country of free speech ,

      2. robbo316

        If you think that comment was racist, then Global Radio is also racist on this “Capital Xtra” station. Out of 24 presenters, only 6 are white. That is only 25%. In any other industry they would be called prejudiced against white people.

        1. John Davis

          Care to comment on whether it is split 50/50 male/female in case they are biased one way or the other two there two, rather than be fixated on skin colour?

  14. Absolutely gutted!

    Utter lunacy! What a blow to the happiness of the listeners! Do you care in the least about what this station has meant to thousands? You know they say, “What comes around goes around” and I hope that you are repaid for how much happiness you are going to destroy and for how much potential well-being you are depriving the listeners of. I can’t believe the loss of such a wonderful station. I hope those who decided to axe Smooth 70’s are repaid in full for such a selfish decision. I am ashamed to think that we belong to the same species as these specimens of humanity and I hope that they remain cursed a hundredfold until they bring it back!

  15. Jane

    I beginning to think that any radio station I like gets closed down. First The Coast and now smooth 70’s. I listen to Gold sometimes, but I find chatty DJ’s irritating. Oh well, back to the ipod……….

  16. Linda walker

    Absolutely miffed off by this, please reconsidered. There are so many of us who have loved listening to this station,surely the listeners figures say it all. We need a digital 70s station!! Otherwise I am back to my iPod . Very disappointed will miss all the regular programmes they were throughly enjoyable ,will miss it terribly. Boo Global radio Smooths new owners, shame on you, I for one will be turning off Smooth in protest for losing our beloved 70s!!!!

  17. Bob Norris

    Smooth 70’s was the best radio station ever. I love 70’s music. Two fingers to you I will listen to 70’s music from the sensible American radio stations via the internet. Global are like the makers of London Cabs, Dodos waiting to go extinct.

  18. 70s freak

    It’s off air now! Sob sob! Shame on you Global radio for not listening to the common people. Goodbye Smooth 70s it’s been a pleasure! Thank you to those who made if so enjoyable for us avid listeners. Boo boo hiss Global!

  19. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    Please get rid of global wright now for good let bauer media or utv to own smooth and real radio what care about true radio please do not let global to own it all please

  20. JamesW

    We have to boycott smooth and any other station global or capital or whatever they want to be known as …
    You have taken away from a huge audience one of the best radio stations to grace the airways in a long while …
    So sad to lose you smooth 70s .. Will be listening to iPod from now on which I will load all the classics you used to play .. It won’t be the same but I refuse to listen to smooth global capital whatever anymore … Listeners please please boycott this radio group .

  21. JamesW

    The only place for seventies music from tomorrow will be on smooth fm … Was the message being played yesterday on 70s
    … Oh and what do we get ..Madonna .. Buble and other rubbish from 80s 90s 00s ect … And a lot more ads ..
    Bye bye smooth …

  22. Spudbc

    I’m mortified! Smooth 70’s was the only station worth listening to. Not only did it play timeless music that people will never tire of ( even my grandchildren aged 2-10 love it), but we didnt have to listen to endless adverts and DJ’s who witter on because they love the sound of their own voice, and think we’re remotely interested in anything they have to say. You should listen to what the audience want and given the number of listeners, you cannot say you can’t justify keeping the station running. Looks like I’ll have to change to Absolute 70’s – unless it turns out its part of Global- in which case, no chance!

  23. Togkim

    A truly moronic decision by some clueless faceless wonder who plainly has no idea about radio and audiences. What a halfwit.

  24. Karen

    Absolutely disgusted that this station has been pulled. Was the only station for me worth listening to. I actually paid to have a DAB radio put in my car so I wouldn’t miss anything. Certainly wont be listening to Smooth radio anymore that’s for sure.

  25. Togkim

    Can we expect Global to take any notice of comments which universally condemn their illogical decision to axe Smooth Radio 70’s? Probably not.

  26. Symon Curnow

    have just noticed i am listening to yet another 80s music based station.
    i am so disgusted. smooth 70s has renewed my interest in listening to the radio as i have not done so for many years.
    GIVE US IT BACK you clueless idiots.

    1. Julie B

      Here here! I too have only started listening to the radio again since I found Smooth 70’s. I turned my radio on Saturday night to be lulled to sleep by the fabulous 70’s music and NO annoying yakking on by boring Dj’s and was so dismayed to find Madonna and other rubbish 80’s and 90’s stuff. Switched off and won’t be switching back on until someone has the good sense to bing it back. Every radio station on air seems to be playing the same old stuff these days, Smooth 70’s was a breath of fresh air. The decision to turn off a radio station that had so many loyal listeners beggars belief!

  27. Mary-Rose

    I have listened to this station since it started and are totally baffled why Global would want to end it. It is so obvious that it is an extremely popular station with listeners. I am a 60 year old grandmother with 4 grand daughters that equally enjoyed listening to the great music played. It was a station for all ages. Global obviously have no idea.

  28. Mark Pryke

    Smooth 70s was a GREAT station. Clearly the best by miles. Global seem to know nothing about what older listeners want. Replaced by Capital Xtra? Not in my house.

    1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

      Global do not know about how to run a radio stations it shows now i am fed up with global they have just stop a great station smooth 70s broadcasting it is no need to stop a good station from broadcasting i do just hope ofcom managers and do read this radio today and read what people are saying about global and make global to give smooth radio and smooth 70s back to ofcom so they can give it to bauer media or to utv now because it is wrong and bad what global has done to smooth radio now

  29. James Martin

    Omg global are so bad right they are raping all these radio stations n its reli bad innit. Dey shud nt b allowd 2 run a profitable bisnez coz ppl want obscure musik n long linkz cuz wi all no personality meanz u spk more. Dey shuld b arrested 4 attemptin 2 run a biznez innit n dat is tru now. Honestly. Not one of you is capable of seeing the bigger picture.

  30. Keith Thompson

    So thats Dave Browns motown show and now with the demise of smooth 70s the superb soul connections have both now disappeared within the space of a week, well thanks Global you’ve spoilt the weekend for the many thousands who love and live for this type of music.I hope you have replacement programs lined up in your schedule but thinking about it i doubt it.Smooth radio RIP.

  31. Karen

    When you’re passionate about music and finally find a station that fulfils that passion it is heart breaking when someone comes along and takes that away without any thought to the people who love it. Loved to get up in the mornings and listen to MY music that brought back so many memories. Go to northern gigs and loved the fact that smooth 70s had a northern soul afternoon. Can’t believe that that has now all been taken away. Why is it that the younger audience always seem to be the ones who are catered for. Just because you hit 50 doesn’t mean that you stop having a passion for music. Our generation probably have more, living through the northern soul scene and Wigan Casino along with all the brill 70s music. Please please listen to all the comments made and bring this radio station back. After switching on this morning and realising Smooth 70s wasn’t there anymore, I turned the radio off and haven’t turned it back on all day. I have no interest at all in listening to any other type of music. Still cant believe that someone could have made this decision. Wonder if it was someone in their 20s with absolutely no connection with the 70s or northern scene. Its absolutely scandalous.

    1. Mick

      Not the best replacement, but Radio Leeds has a Northern Soul and Motown show every Saturday evening which you can access on your computer /iPlayer. Good show and no adverts.

  32. Jerseygirl

    Absolutely appalled by this decision – Had finally found a station not controlled by halfwits who had no idea what was wanted/needed………..oh, clearly they arrived in the form of Global……and back to dull and boring we go.

  33. Sue Spooner

    How stupid! best station gone. Are these new bosses in their late 20’s early 30’s by any chance?
    It has been set on my D.A.B radio since the day it started and listened to ever day.
    Hope the new owners lose lots of money!

  34. Spudbc

    So will we get an explanation from Global as to why they have made this decision – given the number of listeners they have now lost? I used to love Arrow Rock, that suddenly disappeared from Sky and the radio- then the ‘used to be excellent’ Rock Radio (so good it was like listening to your own iPod) changed to Real XS ( lucky now if you get 2 tracks between adverts coz Sweeney rabbits on so much about nothing!) (but at least Dewsbury left (as he thought he was the funniest thing since…….funny things -not!). Now the best EVER radio channel has gone. Loved by all ages, not just people in their 50’s plus, it played music that has lived on for 40+ years and will continue to do so for another 40+ years. Not like today’s one hit wonders that only need a few hundred hits to make number one -not a few hundred thousand like back in the 70’s. Numbers ones today come and go just like the bands and no-one except the young generation have ever heard of them. Even kids in their 20’s don’t know them anymore they are so remote. When was the time a track was in the charts that everyone had heard of and people of all generations liked????? Just doesn’t happens any more. So why, why, why, get rid of the best thing that ever happened to the air waves??? Face the real world and public, and you may be on to a winner!!

  35. Spudbc

    Does that mean by any chance that Simon Bates will be going from the morning slot…….or is that just too much to ask?????? Fingers crossed. He’s the reason why I and a number of others I know prefer not to listen to Smooth Radio, though it Amy now be the next best option – but only where an iPod can’t be used. In other words- as a last resort!

  36. Scott Hadley

    This is absolutely bloody outrageous! Smooth70s was the best radio station ever, we listened to it day and night. We shall not be listening to Smooth as the decent stuff is padded with too much dross.
    The other advantage of 70s was that we didn’t have to listen to some banal cretin of a DJ, just music and a few ads. This Global shower clearly have no idea what listeners want. I hope their replacement station is a disaster.

  37. RHeaton57

    What a shock this morning when I tried getting Smooth 70s and Simon Bates on Smooth was there. I went to Smooth 70s to get away from him and the idiot sports presenter. I shall really miss Smooth 70s, I think I am off to Classic FM.

    1. AlMorr

      Classic FM is one station Global won’t close as its terrestrial and broadcasts of FM nationally, I understand they have renewed their licence for the next 8 years or so, so don’t worry about them closing, although they might come off FM in about 4 years when the government make everyone buy a DAB set

  38. Joe Turner

    Like A lot of my friends , I am researching ‘Global Radio ‘ , and when we have all the info we will boycott every one of their stations . Seems the public opinion means nothing to these morons .

  39. Joe Turner

    This is an email i have just sent to them .
    Hi ,

    I like a lot of my friends have decided not to listen to any of your
    stations , since you stopped ‘Smooth Radio 70’s ‘ So many people I
    know loved that station and you have just decided to stop . Have a look on media
    sites where lots of people are really upset with your decision .

    Or maybe you won’t , It’s all about you. Sod Joe Public.


  40. John Clough

    WHY, it was a great station, good presenters and great music, won’t be listening to smooth any more..

  41. Sue WP

    I was really really disappointed when I tried to play Smooth 70’s over the internet today, as I have done every day for ages now. It was the best station I’ve ever found, minimal adverts, a bit of news and no irritating DJs giving unwanted chat and opinion! You had a great station, 1/4 million audience in a year and all for a minimal cost, but you just ditched us overnight. I don’t know who you have on your listener advisory panel but I suggest you replace them along with whichever idiot took such a stupid decision!

  42. Sue WP

    Please post comments on the Smooth Radio page on Facebook – then at least they will hear the message! Also the Dutch Link mentioned below is good – not quite as smooth, but an adequate replacement

  43. Amanda

    I have enjoyed listening to Smooth 70’s. I don’t like listening to Simon Bates, on Smooth Radio, which is what the former Smooth 70’s station has reverted to. So the station have new owners, what a sensible business decision to annoyed and disappoint your listeners, I hope your disgruntled listeners all re-tune to others stations, then if you loose your listeners, you will loose advertisers (who wont want to pay to advertise on a radio station with declining listener numbers) You will therefore loose revenue and hopefully go bust, a fitting end for a company with so little understanding or interest in their listeners !

  44. Ian

    I can’t believe they have canned 750,000 listeners a week without any explanation, it was by far the best station on DAB. I tuned into Radio 2 for the first time in months because I can’t stand the adverts, which I thought smooth70’s got the balance right, some young x-factor wannabe was singing a song about a skyscraper, that says it all for me about songs of today, that and Katie Perry singing about plastic bags, definitely what a bunch of twats!



    Its a shame “SMOOTH 70s” has come to an end on the national DAB transmitters. The owners of the transmitters Arqiva, charge far too much to use it. Long live Broadband VHF, FM………. DAB band 3 will die, with under use like DRM.
    Radio of the future will be listening, on the internet, or cell phones. So many of the radio station broadcast in mono. Its not so bad for talk radio stations, but is no good for music station. VHF 88-108 has better audio than DAB, and the DAB system we use is based on 1980/90s technology. It is broadcast in MP2 Format not MP3 as DAB+ would be.

    1. AlMorr

      All the new and not new stations on the continent are using DAB+, its only the UK that use the old DAB without the +, that’s why most of the stations are in mono, its quantity, not quality.

    2. alf

      VHF technology is based on 1930s technology, so whats your point in mentioning that DAB is based in the 1980s?

      Also, DAB+ is the same mechanism, but using AAC as its audio encoding, so it cant be all bad.

      Also also, listening on cellphones? with a bandwidth cap and specific clauses in mobile contracts to prohibit streaming services (in the UK, at least)?

  46. steve doyle

    Disgraceful smooth 70s was the best also losing derek webster you have lost lots of listeners. Gutted

  47. rita

    Just been searching the internet to find out what had happened to smooth 70s today. Will be re tuning to another 70s station or BBC GMR instead. How sad !!!!

    1. AlMorr

      Plenty of 70’s stations on Tunein Radio, but a lot are foreign stations, most play non stop music, so language won’t be a problem, my favorite is from the Netherlands, its called Radio 10 Gold 60’s and 70’s, the best music form those two decades.

  48. pat

    Why get rid of best station on dab. An absolutely appalling way to treat loyal listeners and shows an absolute contempt for us. Dab is dead!!!!

  49. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    On my dab digital radio where smooth 70s was i have not tune off or delete smooth 70s but just to let you all know this now global did stop broadcasting smooth 70s but on smooth 70s they are repeating smooth radio now it is mad i do feel global have not got a clue it shows

    1. ALMorr

      That is true Dave, also, there is a test station on DAB as well, the music they are playing is quite pleasant, its in MONO 80kbps, this is going to be Eklipse Sports Radio for Central Scotland.

  50. peter freeman

    What a joke taking the best radio station off the air.
    Smooth 70s was fantastic listening. No Djs so cheap to run.
    Replaced by another modern music show?
    Even the revamped Smooth radio on a saturday evening movie songs?
    This is when smooth 70s would hold its own ( especially if Greg Edwards was at the helm)?
    Surely if you are not going to restore smooth 70s then what about seriously looking at smooth radio to combine the two.I and it looks like afew others are not happy.

  51. Bob Cooper

    As a compromise to listeners who have lost out due to changes to Smooth may I suggest that Capital start a new station which could start next month and be called ‘Capital Christmas’ playing the great music that Smooth did on Smooth Christmas. It could cash in on all the advertisers who will wish to get their Christmas Sales campaigns under way, then after Christmas it could revert to being called ‘Capital 70’s’ ? Don’t worry about if there is any demand for such a station. You have just thrown away 750,000 listeners by closing Smooth 70’s and it will then be up to Global to prove how good they claim they are at selling advertising to such a large audience! How about it, Global?

  52. Woman on the Edge

    Bring back Smooth 70’s brilliant music, hardly any adverts and not much yap from DJ’s what a shame. Back to Gold FM for me. Global Radio you have made the wrong move.

    1. Al Morr

      ‘Women on the Edge’ the reason they closed Smooth 70’s was because there were hardly any adverts, a stations needs more ads to survive and pay its own way, unfortunately S 70’s did not have enough ads to pay its own way. Maybe, only maybe they might have Smooth Xmas, but I doubt it.

      1. redbeardtravels

        Smooth itself cannot be doing too well either, it’s the same three adverts over and over and over and over…switching off for good.

  53. Long Live 70s

    I am gutted we have just got this as a Dab Station in Northern Ireland global are out of touch obviously. We need this decision reversing

    1. Al Morr

      Feel sorry for people in Northern Ireland that just go DAB radio and Smooth 70’s just recently. No sooner they are starting to enjoy it and low and behold it closes down.

  54. Bob Cooper

    Judging by the way that the public have been treated over the sudden closure of Smooth 70’s by Global, could this be what opponents of commercial radio were trying to tell us 40 years ago?

  55. Dissaponted Buzz

    Gutted, this was the best music radio station I have listened too. Come on other radio stations time to start up a dedicated 70’s music station. It’s business madness to shut down a popular station. Not as if they had to pay for expensive DJ’s! Crazy decision, I will now have to look for another station

  56. Rugpuss

    Global have made a big mistake. I stopped listening to Capital in the 90’s when they went all Rap. I hope they loose their audience share big time. The best radio station since the pirates has gone !!!!!

  57. Pete Allen

    Smooth 70s was so brilliant I put dab radio in almost every room in the house and even had dab fitted in my car! Our iPod units were almost redundant and we had become disciples preaching to anyone who would listen to become followers of the smooth 70s phenomenon !! Then with out any warning global pull the plug!! I’m livid,like idiots we were trying to retune our dab radio, in desperation we surfed the net for answers . Can’t comprehend global’s decision to scrap this station. Look like it back to our iPods to get the music of choice!

    1. John Davis

      Exactly what I did, bought DAB radios and told everyone about Smooth 70’s………on a Saturday night TV wouldn’t be on, I’d sit with the missus with wine and enjoy Smooth 70’s……..what a bunch of idiots thay are.

    2. MAGGIE


  58. Disco Stu

    To axe Smooth 70’s is a terrible decision. I fell in love with this station and relived happy childhood memories every day whilst listening. I have searched the Tune In radio app and have found a station called San Francisco 70’s. I recommend it and you can play it with a smart phone. This station will have my loyalty from now on.

    1. redbeardtravels

      Thanks for the link, I will check them out. I fell in love with a cable channel on a recent trip to Italy, unfortunately this is a live stream of the channel and there does not seem to be a radio-only station which would mean less data to stream. Some 80s tunes sneak in but they are gooduns – capital dot it slash capital slash tivu slash live

  59. Pinnermark

    I finally get a DAB radio in the car and have 4 weeks of being taken back in time, memories from school and then some *****heads take it away. Not happy

  60. susan

    absolute disgrace. as usual in this country young ethnics catered for with yet more crap urban dance ‘music’ (that is debatable!) , older adults who were here in the 70s are not and are discriminated against.

  61. Terry Steele

    Why is anyone surprised that Global closed Smooth 70’s? It’s what they have always done when acquiring other Radio groups. Locally they ruined Trent FM and then switched it to Crapital and inflicted Heart on the poor British public. I now boycott all global stations and listen to our really local station Mansfield 103.2, not perfect but great music, local news and sport. I also listen to lots of other great stations on my tune in app. In comparison global are dire. My suggestion do as I do and forget global!

  62. Bob Cooper

    Whatever people think of the BBC at least they took the wishes of radio listeners into account when they considered closing 6 Music and Asian Network and decided to retain them. What a pity Global are not made of the same calibre of men!

  63. MikeSmash

    As a listener of Smooth and Smooth 70’s, I reckon they are going for Magic’s Listeners. I am not surprised Smooth 70’s has gone though. Have you Noticed on Smooth though that the links are shorter now? “Simon Bates at Breakfast” Jingle has been dropped along with a few others. Worst of all, David Jensen can no longer call himself the kid and it appears that Jonny Gould has also left? “Globalized” is certainly what has happened to Smooth, as it all about advertising revenue unfortunately and not about what the listeners want (even if they think it is!). I don’t tune in just to listen to track after track of music although the tracks are all classics on Smooth which is great. I like to hear what the jocks say… especially those such as Simon Bates (his show drastically re-altered plus the Great Jonny Gould has been axed)… and the likes of David Jensen, Pat Sharp etc. All big name quality DJ’s who are having their talents curtailed somewhat in my opinion, and the opinion of many others, who I know are regular Smooth listeners. Having a jock speak slightly longer makes the programme interesting. Features like on the breakfast show with Simon Bates for example, the Sport with Jonny Gould, Our Tune, £1000 minute and all that, now dropped it would appear to cram even more music in, is not to everybody’s taste and there is a reason why people have tuned into Smooth in the past! Global will still get their advertising revenue, irrespective of whether or not one less track is played in an hour. This is a critical point they fail to get.
    I hope this doesn’t back-fire on Global. I can see what they are trying to do and they are a thoroughly professional outfit, but their strategy, no doubt trying to copy American standards, may not work with the British listener, and, having ownership of a group of stations that all stick to the same format, could well be their undoing. You need to have a bit of choice, and I don’t just mean Music. It may work in the short to medium term, but the longer it goes on, then the more boring it becomes.
    As I say though, sadly it is all about money and that is all that matters. If it backfires and Smooth’s ratings drop as a result, then I can see rather large heads in the Global boardroom, being axed.
    Give us more choice please. Smooth has become very impersonal with their listeners, where as before we were one big happy family.

    1. Bob Cooper

      For the first time in months I didn’t listen to Smooth this morning as it is just being torn apart. It was sad to hear Simon Bates trying to paper over the cracks of what was a great station. Sod Global’s Cowboys!

  64. Christine osborne

    I cant believe it,im so annoyed,i thought their was something wrong with my radio because smooth radio was on instead.Ive been listening since it started and in my opinion the best radio station by far.You get people 2 change stations then turn it off!!!!! Sooooo peed off!!!!

  65. Karen

    Well it’s coming up to a week now since I realised smooth 70s had gone. I haven’t had a radio on all week and it’s been cds all the way in the car, even though I have only recently had a dab radio put in the car. For me, that radio was put in purely to listen to Smooth 70s. Wish I hadn’t bothered now. I still can’t actually believe how annoyed and upset I feel at the loss of this station. 70’s music means a lot to me, as it does to a lot of people judging from the comments and to not have this music at the touch of a button is heart breaking. I would love whoever took the decision to close this station to take time out and actually read each and everyone of these comments and realise how many people have been affected by their action but, I can’t see that happening and if they did, would the actually be bothered. I think not.

    1. waynekerr

      Karen same here i agree with you what a joke. Capital extra do me a lemon rubbish for kids Global you suck bye bye !!!

  66. eliseb

    What a shame – i tuned in for Kasey Kasem this morning and he wasn’t there – bye bye smooth radio

    1. Lynne

      Me too, what a huge disappointment. I really enjoyed reliving the past through the greatest music. Global Radio have absolutely no idea about their audience, or perhaps they just do not care? I echo the above bye bye Smooth.

  67. DD from Stockton-on-Tees

    Absolutely DISGUSTED!
    Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 ‘replays’ was the best show on UK radio – now gone forever, presumably to make way for another one of those stations that plays only horrible chart noise.

  68. KJM

    Bring back Smooth 70’s it was the best station ever – Global should cater for all age groups and put Smooth 70’s back on immediately.

  69. Saddened from Essex

    Well done Global. Seems you like following in the footsteps of successive governments (UK and European) . They closed all the decent pirate stations (Caroline, RNI, Veronica etc) and by your actions you have total disregard for what the listeners really want. Capital was good when it started as were many of the commercial stations but look now. Most presenters cannot string a sentence together and the music is broadly the same with no real choice that cross the various age spectrum. Thanks to DAB the listeners can no longer tune into a station conveniently (e.g. in the car). One final comment, Global I suggest that you take a look back in radio history and see how a station can win over a massive audience in a short while. Laser 558 was the station that did it is the 80’s.

  70. Sue bonnamy

    Just loved the smooth 70’s like lots of other people. so sad about this. After I told froends about the station they went and brought digital radios just so they could Listen to it. It brought back such memories for so many of us. Can’t believe what they have done, aren’t we allowed any happiness and enjoyment in this country???……..I suppose it wasn’t making enough money for the big wigs! Please bring it back!!

  71. Darren

    Global, what on earth are you playing at taking Smooth 70’s off…. people don’t
    want what you have to offer

  72. Dave Hood

    I bought my DAB radio in December 2012 and the first station I tuned in was Smooth 70s. It has stayed there ever since – best radio station ever, the best music decade (except for punk!). I am not interested in the 60s, 80s, 90s or 00s but now that is all that is on with the odd seventies music. Poor decision – back to the second rate Gold. Cannot believe with 790,000 listeners that the plug has been pulled. Typical of the UK these days, get rid of the good stuff and bring in the crap. Bring it back….

  73. Alicia

    Gutted thought I’d messed the station settings up when all I could get was Smooth but no smooth 70s wat are they thinking about!! Really loved the Motown, Northern Soul and the american charts Saturday/Sunday mornings not a happy girl………..

  74. Lisa Dowrick

    OH NO!!!! I can’t believe this!!! We love Smooth 70’s, and are absolutely gutted that it is no longer going to be broadcasting. Just when you find an absolutely brilliant radio station, this goes and happens!!! DEVASTATING :-(

  75. One off disgruntled post

    What! Wondered where it had gone. How will I get my decorating done today! Will have to retune now . Bet 750.000 was under estimate. Only channel I can bear to listen to has gone. Great music, no banal DJs. Must have been pretty cheap to run. Smooth itself is pretty average so won’t retune to that. Goodbye global.

  76. Disgruntled

    Oh well – back to the ipod. Anyone out there want to buy a DAB Radio?? Nothing worth listening to on it now!!

  77. Magwych

    To echo others – Smooth Radio 70s has been the only Smooth station worth listening to. Period. And what possible relevance does Capital have to those of us in the rural areas of the UK. Ah well. Don’t waste your advertising revenue on this – cos I won’t be listening :(

  78. Steve Frangou

    Thought I had a problem with my laptop as Smooth 70’s stopped playing. I emailed in only to be told it had stopped broadcasting altogether. This is shocking news what a shame, well its there loss as people will find other ways to listen to music from the 70’s. SHAME ON YOU GLOBAL

  79. Catherine

    As a latecomer to DAB radio I was so pleased to find Smooth 70s. My kind of music, no adverts or wittering DJs. Heaven. It’s couldn’t last of course. A station playing great songs loved by thousands of listeners and it gets binned. Nice one Global.

  80. digger

    i am really disappointed that smooth 70’s radio has come to an end, having recently been given a dab radio i have only just found the pleasure of listening to a radio station that concentrates on 70’s music. it would be very much appreciated if global would reconsider their decision and reinstate this fantastic music station.

  81. podger

    What a travesty taking smooth 70 s off the air has forced me to go back to listening to gold out of principle i will not listen to smooth uk the music played on there is ok but i think the music of the 70 s is so much better and tina hobley on sunday mornings is a joke compared to the icon Kasey Kasem

  82. Try Absolute

    I dont believe it – the only radio show i religiously listen to – hey ho nothing good lasts for ever. Obviously to be replaced by some naff crap nobody wants.

  83. Jooniejoon

    I am totally shocked ..WHY……there is nothing else out there that comes close to smoth 70s. Please bring it back!!

  84. Ray

    I come back from holiday, and cant find my “go to” radio station. Smooth Seventies.
    It was just the best decade. Who made this decision? WHY WHY WHY!

  85. Sinphony

    I stupidly thought I had a problem with my radio, so only found out on Friday that smooth 70s is no longer on. I cannot believe that out of all the radio stations that do transmit that the only one that goes is one that is dedicated to 70s music. I listened to it mornings getting ready for work, and left it on as my son loves 70s music. It was brilliant to relive my youth to have songs that I knew all the words to. Remembering friends you met, people you went out with and even though there were 749,000 listeners they still take it off. I loved it as there wasn’t all the talking and constant ads, just good music. It didn’t even have to have a DJ half the time so you cannot say the costs could have been high, what I want to know what chance is there of it ever coming back and what do we have to do to believe how much this is needed.

  86. Gillian Lee

    Why have you taken Smooth 70s DAB off the air????? It was the only radio station I enjoyed listening to from when it started. Now, I have turned my radio off for good. I am putting my own sounds of the 70s together. You have spoiled it things for so many people!!!!

  87. perjink

    Feel really lost without Smooth 70’s. Thank you Global will make a point of boycotting any shows under your control.

  88. Doug B

    What a sad decision by Global. I hope the advertisers boycott this company. Having established such a realistic number of listeners in a short space of time surely there’s some need for Smooth 70s to be reserected?

  89. PPC1956

    You owners SUCK. I will deliberately not listen to your other stations now. You’re really clever, aren’t your? Just how many listeners do you have with such a great demographic like the 50 pluses? We have the time, the money, the knowledge to listen regularly to your station but you’d rather ignore us…. I hope your stations lose you lots of money and I’m back to radio 5 live after a great time ( I used to listen as I drove around the UK each day)……..

  90. Rich

    I could just about deal with Smooth 70s disappearance on the basis that I thought Smooth Radio’s playlist wouldn’t be gutted and replaced with bland Gold/Magic material, but sadly not. Smooth has lost its heart and although I don’t like too much yakkity-yakk, a bit of presenter chat would be good. Oh, and they could at least bring back the 70s at 7. I dropped Simon Bates an email last week and Seb replied, inevitably on message (I don’t blame him – he’s got to pay his mortgage) but I find Global’s cavalier disregard of loyal listeners really disappointing. We’ve actually lost two stations as Smooth Radio is now unrecognisable.

  91. Flickjules

    Can’t believe they’ve pulled the plug on smooth 70,s …. Irresponsible and no thought for the loyal listener . Let’s hope they go out of business very quickly!!

  92. ND

    What are you doing this was the best radio station on DAB radio, i feel sorry for all the people who, like me loved smooth 70s

  93. m higgs

    Why have you done this – lots of people listen to it and you have no alternatives to it .You obviously don t care about your listeners – will be boycotting your other stations – smooth not a patch on smooth 70 s.
    WHY ????

    M Higgs

  94. Goggles

    WHY???? When it was the only station I ever listened to??? Redundant DAB Radio that was a waste of money :(

  95. mandy

    Gutted!! I loved smooth 70s listened to it every day. No other station can compete,
    turned off my radio, got sick of the adverts and rubbish music playing.
    Bring it back!!!!!!

  96. Beverley

    Absolutely gutted. Recently moved offices and couldn’t understand why no reception. Loved this station. As a young 50 year old this took me back to my clubbing days and made me feel even younger :(((

  97. isfj;wsjfg[WPOIE

    Shame, and stupid. Modern lie is rubbish and continues rubbish because no one takes any notice of what people want.

  98. Mazza61

    Absolutely gutted that Smooth 70’s has gone off air, Although Smooth FM is good it doesn’t just play songs from the 70’s which I really enjoyed. Please bring it back x

  99. Karen

    Nooooo. Been wondering why I couldn’t get it anymore. Such a shame – I loved it. It was probably dropped because it wouldn’t make them money from advertising as there was, thankfully, hardly any on there. Well, back to Radio Suisse Pop for me.

  100. paul gregory

    what a bunch of self important idiots global radio are, they turn off a radio station that is loved by almost a million listeners, i will no longer listen to any of their channels. lets hope your advertisers pull the plug on them… then where will they be.

  101. Ally

    Smooth 70s what a blooming shame! Best radio station played it all the time. Well I’m afraid it’s back to radio 2!

  102. Annie

    wow I cant believe that you pulled smooth 70s , it was just so FAB, how am I supposed to exercise my vocals now ? how can I get happy in the mornings now ? how can I get ready in the for a night out now ? will I phone the Samaritans ? will I jump off Clifton suspension bridge ? where is my lift ? where is my buzz ? where is my therapy ? so back to the dark days & rain is it ? Curses on you global radio !,

  103. Victoriawil

    Can anybody tell me WHY smooth 70’s has been taken off air? If it was for good commercial/financial reasons then I suppose nothing can be done but to just put out a few terse lines saying it will close is disgusting and shows a total disregard for the listener. We listened to it all day in work and everybody who came into the office asked what station it was – they then tuned in when they returned to their desks!
    Please bring it BACK!!

  104. gaz1012

    I’m very disappointed that global have pulled the plug on smooth 70’s. I am a 47 year old man and the music that they played fell just right for me, taking me back to the time of growing up in the 70’s. I recommended it to loads of my friends and they all said it was great. The word was spreading and it would have been one of the top stations in the country, given a bit more time. It should have been advertised and given more exposure. This was a failure on their managements part. Listen to the people who love smooth 70’s and bring it back global.

  105. Rafe

    Such a pity, we are missing it. Thank goodness we still have Smooth to fall back on. Just don’t mess with that too or it’ll be back to the CD collection.

  106. Joyame

    I am bereft without smooth70s which kept me upbeat and active whilst working in the kitchen. These people never connect to the grassroots and the people they just make daft decisions. Infuriating!!

  107. ant

    Global radio are a joke run by idiots and this will be there downfall if you like some old rock music from 1960s/1970s may I recommend Planet rock radio

  108. lynsababe

    I agree with these posts, It was the only station I ever listened to. From the people leaving messages it was their favourite too, so why did it go off the air?

  109. david gaffney

    global should hang there heads in bloody shame ,why take off air smooth 70s it was fantastic the boss of global is a two faced twat.

  110. Terry B

    Just a case of the BIG BOYS not thinking about the general public of 50 to 70 age group love of the 70s

  111. Mark Hardy

    I will not listen to any global stations smooth 70’s were the reason I got into DAB
    Global stinks and smacks so much of I Robot if any of you have seen the film

  112. Liz

    fully agree with everything that’s been said nothing for the older age group, why not
    shuffle times of programmes and put 50s 60s music on during day not at night ,we want to watch tv at night like everybody else not as if we can tape it to listen to when we want.

  113. Marion Wood

    I recently had my Dab radio mended. I was going to take it back today because I thought i had lost some of the radio stations on it. The only one I really liked listening to was Smooth 70’s. It was by far the best Station on there, hardly any adverts, or DJ’s talking all the time, just pure music from a great decade. Now I hardly listen to the radio at, come on those of you in charge, lets have it re-introduced and keep millions of listeners happy again. Poor show from those that “have the power” but little intelligence.. Listen to what people want, not what you want.

    A very disappointed listener.

  114. Keith

    Hi. I am very sad at losing Smooth 70s. It was my number one preset on DAB.
    I now tuned into Absolute Radio 70s.

  115. R. davis

    Still looking around in vain to find a station as easy to listen to as Smooth 70’s.
    Still `Gob smacked` they took it off air just for us to listen to the same old same old on every other station.
    Bloody ridiculous.
    Chris Stevens, please as the previous Deputy Programe Director can you not set up a team to re-instate this greatly missed station.

  116. Kev Aberdeen

    Disaster smooth 70s removed and replaced with tripe! Come on there must be another station willing to get this decade back on air daily. It was the only station worth listening too.

  117. asilum

    fucking knobs….i along with thousands of others tuned into 70s everyday…we are still here ….tossers nuf said

  118. Sally Giles

    WHY WHY WHY.? When so many of us loved this station do they pull the plug, recently they did something similar at our local “Heart” station the two presenters Rob Chandler and Chrissie Jackson were ousted after years and years presenting the breakfast programme, so I vote with my feet and turn over, exactly what I do now that smooth 70s has gone :(

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