Anthony Davis moves to Smooth drivetime
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Anthony Davis moves to Smooth drivetime

Just hours after announcing he’s leaving LBC’s Late Show, we hear Anthony Davis is heading to Smooth Radio for drivetime.

Smooth, now based down corridor from LBC in Leicester Square, saw the departure of David Kid Jensen from the show just yesterday along with afternoon presenter Pat Sharp.

Anthony Davis said: “I’m thrilled to be returning to music radio and taking the reigns as host of Smooth Radio’s new Drive programme. It’s an honour to remain in the Global family, and whilst I’ll miss the late night conversation on LBC 97.3 where I’ve been so comfortable over the past eight years, I look forward to popping up on the schedule from time to time!”

Dick Stone, Smooth Radio’s Group Programme Director, said: “Anthony has his roots in music radio and his passion, enthusiasm, infectious energy and wit will be a great asset to the station. We can’t wait for him to join the Smooth Radio team in the New Year.”

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  1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    This is not good at all from global radio group this presenter name anthony davis is no d.j. get david kid jensen back on to smooth radio or do get johnnie walker on to smooth radio as the drive time show host please or do get david diddy hamilton from the wireless to be the host of smooth radio drive time please but not anthony davis please he is no d.j. global and smooth radio and that is true

  2. no nonsense guy

    I really feel sorry for global radio owners who run these radio brands, global has just recently bought smooth radio and they are trying to reinvented itself, but their bad criticsm trying to get in the way of progress whoever anthony davis is, i wish him the best of luck to him, i’m sure he can handle the mic and pc.

  3. LHP

    I think some of us need to go back to school, judging by some of the comments below. Its really rather worrying that grown men cannot write a sentence!!

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