Ex-BBC Radio 1 host joins internet station
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Ex-BBC Radio 1 host joins internet station

Internet station SolidGoldGem.am has hired former Radio 1 presenter Jenni Costello for a weekly 80s music show.

The presenter, who has also been on Trent, Mercia and the original GEM AM, was most recently on BBC World Service.

Jenni says: “I am so looking forward to being part of SolidGoldGem.am and joining the prestigious line up. I was also on the original GEM-AM each night for ‘Midnight Love Affair’ so it’s great to be a part of the station inspired by it. I’m a lover of 80s music, I grew up with it.

“My show ‘Ready Steady 80’s’ will be a wonderful excuse to turn back the clock and re-live all those memories and play the best songs from that phenomenal decade. The music from the 80’s has never gone away because so many of the artists are still around today touring and releasing new material.”

Jenni joins some former colleagues from Trent FM and GEM-AM including Andy Marriott, Krissi Carpenter, Paul Burbank, Craig Strong and Danny Cox, when her new show launches on 3rd January.

‘Ready Steady 80’s’ is on every Friday 6-9pm, and Andy Siddell follows with another new show called ‘The Friday Night Party’ from the station’s Canadian studios.

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  1. internet_radio

    Kind of feel the only people listening to this station are the people who create it. Alexa.com currently ranks SolidGoldGem.am at 14,871,691. This equates to around 14 website views per day. Those 14 website users are probably the people who run the station. I don’t think there is a market for this kind of station nowadays. People who want to hear internet radio will probably use Live365, 1.FM or 181.FM where there is a much greater choice of music without the DJ’s interrupting the music.

    1. johnfromireland

      what are you frightened of internet_radio? I like solidgoldgem.am. plus who cares about Alexa. O am not connected in anyway with station.

  2. Radio Listener

    Bedroom FM. Coming in yer ears. People with more money than sense wanting to play at radio stations.

  3. Servernews

    How is this “Radio News”? Take a look at Shoutcast.com- they have less than 10 listeners worldwide across all servers! Move on, waste of space, not important, run by anoraks with nothing else to do.

  4. Guest

    I’ve seen 10 year olds create more professional websites than the one at soldgoldgem.am. It’s awful. The logo looks like it’s been created on MS Paint. Every time I click on something it tries to open a new window. This station doesn’t know what it is. Why call yourself “.AM” when your not on AM. Why call yourself “GEM”, when your not specifically for the Great East Midlands. SO SO bad. The DJ’s are mainly people who have been kicked out of the industry. #mycareerhasended Why bother?. It looks like people are creating their own radio station for their own egos as they don’t have more than a couple of listeners. The facebook page has only 347 likes compared with a major internet broadcaster 181.fm that has over 61,000 likes. So very sad.

  5. musical

    At least with internet radio, the owners know how many are listening. Those who rely on RAJAR are deluded and so are the fools who advertise with a radio station whose rates are based on those figures.

  6. Neal

    Who cares about Alexa? Website owners, employees, advertisers, share holders, workers… the list continues. Anyone who has an interest on the internet will care how popular they are and how many hits they get. Alexa is a good indicator on this.

    1. Len Groat

      Neal: if you’d listened to our station before you posted you’d know that “employees, advertisers, share holders, workers” is not relevant ~ as we have NO commercials – it’s an oldies music station with a HUGE library run by a team of professionals with over 400 years of RADIO experience.

      SolidGoldGem.am is nothing to do with financial income or audience size – it’s to do with ‘LOVE of radio’. If people want a mindless oldies station with only a few hundred songs and 10 second links by dj’s who were not even born when the songs were first issued, there are plenty like that already.

      Secondly, ‘website views’ do not equate with listeners; we have 2 services one on 5 hour delay for North America + are on Wi-Fi radio and our ‘App’.

      Our goal is ‘radio like it used to be’. not biggest audience!

      Thank you.

  7. Radio Listener

    You’re listening to Solid Gold GEM AM and next on Solid Gold GEM AM is Phil Collins, grrrreeeeat Solid Gold GEM AM, coming out of a bedroom near you.

  8. Griffin

    “Secondly, ‘website views’ do not equate with listeners; we have 2 services one on 5 hour delay for North America + are on Wi-Fi radio and our ‘App’.”… True and looking at Shoutcast.com there are a total of THREE listeners. Nice work.

    “Our goal is ‘radio like it used to be’. not biggest audience!” Well you succeeded on the last bit.

  9. Gary Jon

    I think we have to accept that Radio is no longer as popular as it was, people have different listening habits. Spotify and the like is much more controllable, a lot of people don’t want DJs. Until the vast majority of people start using Internet radio sets like they would a normal Radio it is unlikely to be that popular.

    Personally I quite like Solid Gold Gem AM, a little too easy listening for me to want to listen all day though but definitely covering an area not already covered. Some very good presenters.

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