Kid Jensen & Pat Sharp leave Smooth Radio
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Kid Jensen & Pat Sharp leave Smooth Radio

The weekday changes have started at Smooth Radio under full ownership of Global Radio as afternoon presenter Pat Sharp and drive time host David Kid Jensen suddenly depart.

The two have already left, even thought they were both on-air as normal yesterday. Gary King and Paul Hollins are now listed as covering the shows on the Smooth Radio website.

A spokesperson for Smooth Radio confirmed the news to RadioToday, saying: “We can confirm that Pat Sharp and David Jensen have left Smooth Radio. We appreciate all their hard work and dedication during their time on the station and we wish them both all the very best for the future.”

Kid Jensen joined Smooth Radio in 2011, leaving Global Radio’s Gold which he’d be hosting mornings. He was inducted into the Radio Academy Hall of Fame in October 2010 and has had a long career in UK radio, notably at Radio 1, Capital FM and Heart 106.2. He was also the host of the Nescafe Network Chart Show on commercial radio.

Pat Sharp, who has also been at Radio 1 and worked for Capital FM for a decade followed by Heart for 11 years, joined Smooth Radio to host weekend breakfast in January 2011 and moved to the afternoon slot in January this year.

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  1. Len Groat

    I’m trying to get my head around the fact Pat Sharp and David Jensen ‘suddenly depart’ (though still on website) yet non-dj Tina Hobley, who records her show, stays on Sunday! :-(

    1. Guest

      ..yet it’s fine for Steve Wright to pre-record his Sunday show in the week because he is a “real” DJ?

    2. musical

      They were told yesterday and Global fearing an on air comment, allowed then to “walk”. With xmas schedules for the next 2 weeks obviously Global hoping any fuss will be minimal. Not that they care what the listener thinks

    3. Davinia

      You are not the only one. Perhaps her wages are not as much!
      Global is ruining the British Independent radio stations it has under its control. No idea at all.

    4. Biscuits

      I’m trying to get my head around the fact that you run an internet radio station that has ENTIRELY pre-recorded, voice-tracked shows 24 hour hours a day, 7 days a week! Please be careful if you live in a glass house.

      1. Len Groat

        1. I don’t ‘run’ the station ~ I’m just a presenter

        2. We don’t PRETEND to be local or live ~ we are just a MUSIC station with 8000 songs and highly-experienced presenters who do shows as they LOVE radio

        3. We have NO commercials or ‘suits’

        4. I post under my name ~ you should too rather than be anonymous, it achieves nothing

        1. Biscuit

          Touched a nerve perhaps? Don’t have to post under a name- That’s how the internet works! You seem happy to criticise but don’t like it much when someone criticises you. Now, about that glass house…

          1. Len Groat

            Why on Earth…. would you think you ‘touched a nerve’ :-) ?

            I have NO idea who you are ~ so your opinion means nothing….

            It’s not a ‘glass house’ as we don’t pretend to be anything other than what we are ~ a GOOD station with 8000 songs… and NO commercials

          2. Biscuit

            Touched a nerve… well maybe something to do with the nature of your reply and the way you seem to immediately get very defensive when someone dare to possibly suggest something hypocritical about your post?

            Just because someone knows who you are doesn’t mean your opinion means something by the way.

          3. Craig Strong

            I would guess that Len Groat has more credentials to run a radio station than anyone else in this conversation.
            You don’t hold the positions that Len has in many large commercial radio stations, not to mention running the original Gem AM without the knowledge and experience that he has.

    1. Davinia

      Sadly “Was” the best station in the country, until Global got hold of it, made lots of backroom people redundant too as a result. The Monopolies commission should be ashamed of themselves too, for letting this go through, even if Global have to sell off some of their smaller owned stations, as it appears, has to be done to comply with the Smooth FM purchase.

    1. Davinia

      Agreed 110% Global couldn’t get an FM license for Gold, so they bought Smooth FM, gradually changed the type of music over the few months, globalised the DJ’s with their ridiculous policy to cut links, then phase out those famous DJ’s, bring in ones who charge less and have less attraction (not that they realise that). Goodbye Gold in the New Year I reckon? Case solved for Global!! There is not really much point them having DJ’s to be honest, when they get 3 or 4 links an hour that must not exceed 15 seconds (soon to be cut to around 10 seconds word has it!!). Sorry Global but your stations are boring and I going to revert to BBC or other stations where DJ’s have persona and where DJ’s are allowed to speak. At least their shows are more interesting now. Thanks Pat and David for the last 2 years of fantastic programmes, great links that keep the punters entertained! Look forward to hearing you guys as you should be heard, on another station, which shouldn’t be too long given your immense talents!
      I reckon the way Global are going, Mr Bates, who you notice has had the jingle taken down (Smooth FM, The home of Simon Bates at Breakfast), and Our Tune dumped from his show, could well be in line for the chop next. Pity. Global are screwing themselves sadly with these ridiculous “American” policies in thinking in the hope people won’t care and they can maximise full advertising potential. They have destroyed Smooth FM for the following reasons: Firstly to get that FM licence and dump Gold 1548am…and secondly, to try and rival Magic FM and steal their listeners and steal their advertisers.

      1. Fred Walton

        Now all the radio presenters are gone but the problem is that all the good independent radio stations have also gone. They all sound exactly the same now thankfully we still have good old Aunty BBC.

        1. PC George Dixon

          And the reason they have gone? Because Global has bought them all. It is an utter disgrace this has been allowed to happen.

  2. monitorman232

    Time to put voice tracking in with prerecorded messages and have done with it! Another nail in the UK radio coffin!

      1. Davinia

        I hate to say this, but a lot of them at Global, already do it. Not surprising really. 12 10 second links in a 3 hour show for example would take 120 seconds and let the computers do the rest! You could pop in to the studio, record your show in 2 minutes and out you go again!!! This industry is going down hill and the Global Management are becoming something of a laughing stock, sadly at the expense of people who’s livelihoods they have destroyed.

  3. Pete Smith

    Obviously a cost cutting exercise. Professional jocks charge professional money!
    Why don’t the accountants and the suits have done with it and present the shows themselves!

    1. Youtha Tedd

      When you consider Global’s legal fight with the monopolies commission cost a tad under £13m, it is obvious why they have to cut down. They will lose a lot of smaller stations too. I can see why they did it, but it still doesn’t make sense when you have Hollins and King who are virtual unknowns compared to Pat and David, with respect, they are hardly likely to draw in the audiences that Pat and David would do. High ratings mean good advertising so when Davinia says that Global have shot themselves in the foot, she is right. Global have basically pureed Smooth into boring mush, with the exception of Simon Bates of course.

  4. Darth Fader

    Two Radio legends gone in a swoop. What a shame. Hope to hear you both back on air somewhere soon.

  5. Stevieg

    Oh good Mr Bland and Mr Even Blander to have daily shows on Smooth. Expect the rest of the existing presenters to be replaced by pot plants (or failed soapstars desperate to remain in the public eye and therefore work for peanuts) in the coming weeks.

    It’s not good watching a radio station commit suicide.

  6. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    This is bad news to see that global radio group are now going to get rid of these good d.j.s, david jensen and pat sharp just liked this you know why they are let these 2 d.j.s. to go because global want to change the name of smooth radio to this name gold that is true

    1. lee Alan

      Hi All i have read all the comments regarding Pat Sharp and Jensen,to be fair Dkj was boring on Smooth no personality to his voice at all very boring presenter…PS was a little better but not great they would be better on Magic only my opinion.LJ

      1. PC George Dixon

        I thought DJK would be just the type relaxed voice you would want on Smooth? Pat Sharp certainly was… as was Simon Bates.
        Global Radio Management are on a mission to destroy decent radio. Shame on them.

  7. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    I do hope some other radio group liked bauer media or utv or celador radio limited will get these 2 good d.j.s. pat sharp and david jensen on to their radio stations now that would be good now

    1. Davinia

      I am pretty sure you will hear both of them on air again soon… at somewhere they are allowed to be their natural selves!

      1. Youtha Tedd

        Yes, you are quite right there. Smooth has got really boring since the DJ’s were not given longer links. Typical of all the Global-run stations now. Those in charge seem to think this is America FFS!

  8. Brian Christopher Winter

    Not a Smooth listener often, but over the years I have enjoyed listebning to “The Kid”. I am sure that if they want work, they will easily find it with their vast experience and talent. It is just a shame that they have, no the face of it, just been tossed aside like discarded cigarettes. It seems a strange way to treat people who have brought so much enjoyment to loyal listener. Just shocking.

    1. Davinia

      What was more shocking is that Global Management recently had the nerve to tell David Jensen that he could no longer be called “The Kid” on his show. Absolutely ludicrous. These people have no idea about Radio, only commercialism. Money talks eh? Had I been David, I would have told them to “Shove it” live on air.

  9. Nic

    This is the end of Smooth Radio – it’s been in decline for some time. Losing two well-established professional radio presenters and Global’s appalling attitude to commercial radio doesn’t bode well. Same with DAB – useless initiative that has lost any good stations.

    1. Davinia

      It isn’t the end of Smooth, it will be the end of Gold on 1548 that will, I think, become Smooth (notice Smooth’s music has already changed?). This was on the cards as soon as Global took over. Smooth has been changed purely to poach listeners and advertisers off of Magic FM.

    2. PC George Dixon

      I agree. Smooth has lost it’s “OO” and would never be “Magic” shall we say?

  10. julian 4926

    I am getting on new DAB clock radio for Christmas. It is very disappointing that I will not be able to receive Smooth 70’s on it. With this news,Smooth and indeed,DAB just seems to be getting worse

  11. Davinia

    To get rid of such prestigious DJ’s such as Pat Sharp and DKJ is radio suicide. Both had extremely high ratings at Smooth. However, Global’s weird policy to cut DJ links and cram the airwaves with more music, noticeably recently to more “classic” rather than a mix of both that and modern music, is purely a move to try and get listeners of Magic FM. I am rather concerned that Global is basically gobbling up major national independent radio stations, and is allowed to by the monopolies commission, even though they have been told to shed some more of the smaller stations as part of the deal to get Smooth. I also think Gold 1548am which is also owned by Global, is at serious risk of becoming defunct as they could not get an FM licence for it, and Smooth, which is already focussing on older music, will gradually absorb all of that.
    It is a shame we now have a group of what were incredibly popular radio stations, with great DJ’s, “Globalised”!! People do not always want wall to wall music and like the banter from DJ’s that make shows worth listening to and less boring. This is the English way, not the American one which Global seem to be enforcing on their stations.
    They say it maximised advertising revenue. As a person with expertise in the media, I disagree totally with this. Advertisers will pay more for “Names” who have great audience attraction. They don’t come much bigger than Pat Sharp or David Jensen, and if, as I suspect, Global continuing in this vein, then I am afraid for the future of Simon Bates, who has already had parts of his show curtailed.
    One good thing comes out of this I suppose, and that is that David Jensen, can once more become the “Kid”.
    These moves by Global are damaging British Radio beyond all recognition. I sincerely hope they do not get their hands on any more stations and that they severely pay the price for trying to be clever by getting in cheap and boring DJ’s to present cheap and boring shows. Pat and David will be sorely missed. Global have shot themselves in the foot this time.

    1. stever

      To be honest I was more than a little surprised, when I turned the radio on this morning, that Simon Bates was still broadcasting on Smooth !! What’s the chances of Simes disappearing over the Christmas / New Year period !!

    2. Fit like?

      I’ll go with that Davinia. Only one better to me, and that is Sir Brian Matthew. (don’t worry, it was myself who knighted him!)

    3. Biscuits

      “They don’t come much bigger than Pat Sharp and David Jensen”- REALLY? I’d suggest you need to get out more, or tune around a bit- there’s a big wide world out there you know!

      1. Youtha Tedd

        Really? Do you have a clue what you are talking about Biscuits? Crumbs!! Name me another legend on Smooth then, apart from Simon Bates? Go on, I dare you!! Davinia is quite right you muppet!

    4. Stevieg

      Good thing that David Jensen can once more become the “Kid”? Oh yes, I’m sure that will make all the difference. Meanwhile back in the real world ……..

  12. priya68

    I wonder if Pat Sharp could return to Capital mid-mornings to replace Rich Clarke… he would fit in better there! Pandora’s replacing him for now…

    Well, he’s a good DJ… likeable all-round, something you can’t say about Capital’s current weak lineup.

    1. Youtha Tedd

      Still Global.. so the end result would be the same. Capital are in the same building in Leicester Sq. This is what happens when large organisations buy up everything. I think the Monopolies commission are to blame entirely for this.

  13. Fit like?

    I will really miss them both, and I will be searching to see where they have gone, and might very well follow them.

    1. Youtha Tedd

      So will I. Apart from Simon Bate’s Breakfast show, and God knows how long that will continue for given recent events, I will certainly be switching over to other stations not in the Global network from now on.
      Preferably to ones with Pat and David on!!

  14. Jamie Crampton

    When a company calls itself “Global Radio” you kind of get the idea of who you’re dealing with. Networked cheap as possible pre-recorded shows. In other words, terrible cobblers.

  15. steve mac

    Loved Pat Sharp asked him on Twitter 3 weeks ago if he had left reply…not bothered re Kid Jenson as I never really liked his style anyway myself. Pat is still a pro Dj and I loved his style of show and wit. Smooth its a bad decision as like when you started your just a station of repeat tunes and NON DISCRIPT DJS….Bore off…I am going to HEART on my sky radio….

    1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

      Do not do that because the new owners what own smooth radio do own heart as well as capital fm and gold so i say to you just do not listen too global radio stations any more now then global will soon get the message when they got no listeners that is true

  16. James Martin

    Wow! Bitchy or what on here. Saucer of milk, Len?! It is however sad, and I hope this paves the way to maybe see Patman on the Heart network soon.

  17. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    Well i just see some more news who is coming on to smooth radio anthony davis what was on lbc anthony davis is no d.j. at all that is true i just hope david jensen and pat sharp do hurry up and get back on to a radio now that would be good now

  18. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    Pat sharp is going to be doing the new years eve party on celador radio limited breeze stations what i have hear today

  19. Lynne Williams

    this radio station seems to be the Simon Bates love affair – why does he get the main listing and I am sick of them getting rid of the better DJ’s going to have to find something different to listen to now – Thanks!

  20. no nonsense guy

    Do you 56 criticsm know what are you talking about, You dont know what goes on behind close doors at global and people move about and change jobs, it about change and moving on. Good luck to David Jenson and Pat Sharp on their next presenting job on whatever station come up next. Good luck guys.

  21. pete

    I wondered why the music had changed dramatically and no longer my taste in music,,,,i wont be listening anymore..will miss the guys terrbily

  22. Colin S

    Yes, in the beginning this was a radio station I enjoyed listening to. However the writing was soon on the wall when Marc Goodier left, presenters were then shuffled around, advertising was getting more play than actual music. I do agree this radio station is in decline, repetitive music choice, presenters moving on or being forced out. You cannot blame the new presenters of the station they have been given a chance, surely if it was you or I you would grab the opportunity but sadly as audience /listeners dwindle so will a lot of these guys careers. As for DAB that is a total waste, so what I have chosen to defect to, well once the Ginger Whinger Evans finishes his show (cannot stand the self centred prat) Radio 2 is my preferred choice. People who think they can run these franchise’s are clueless, you need to listen to your audience for it is they who help get your advertising revenue who help you to be a station people want, something you have not cottoned onto. Bye Smooth last one out turn the lights off & put the keys through the door, night.

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