Daryl Denham exits Global's Smooth Radio
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Daryl Denham exits Global’s Smooth Radio

Another Smooth Radio presenter has left the station this week, following Pat Sharp and Kid Jensen’s sudden exit before Christmas.

Daryl Denham, who has been on weekend breakfast since Pat Sharp moved to weekdays a year ago, has already hosted his final show and been removed from the station’s website.

A Smooth Radio spokesperson told RadioToday: “We can confirm that Daryl Denham has left Smooth Radio – we’d like to thank him for his hard work on the station and wish him all the best for the future.”

From this weekend, the Saturday breakfast show will be presented by Emma B, in addition to her Sunday afternoon programme, while Gold’s Eamonn Kelly will be hosting the Sunday breakfast show. Eamonn previously hosted breakfast on Smooth Radio East Midlands before it went national in 2010.

Smooth Radio has recently came under the full control of Global Radio and is expected to re-launch later this year.

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  1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    I do hope simon bates will now leave smooth radio now and global and richard park is getting his way now i just hope simon bates will just walk away after this friday breakfast show on smooth radio and do not bother to do next week smooth breakfast show global and smooth has stop simon bates from doing his golden hour from 9am till ten am on smooth radio and they stop simon bates our tune on smooth as well if i was simon bates now walk away wright now from smooth radio that would be good now if simon bates do this now

      1. Tim Mullen

        And some people, yourself included by the illiteracy of your initial post, need to learn basic literacy, grammar and sentence construction instead of just spewing out incoherent babble.

  2. James

    I think Smooth will be in a few years a more poplur station than it is now, just needed Global to give it a push, so watch this space, and things do chane over the years – and I belive people need to go with the changes.

    1. Dave

      Absolutely right! There was a reason GMG offloaded the failing stations.

      It’s a simple strategy at the moment I think – strip it all back to the absolute basics/bare minimum, and then build it back up

  3. Gary

    Already the music is better on Smooth Radio , i used to be Magic , but now i go betwwen Smooth Radio and Gold Radio. They actually Playing Smooth Music , not chart , im in my 40s so its good to finally have a station that caters for 40plus listeners on FM .

  4. Len Groat

    All the posts here assume that the three presenters who left were in some way responsible for the low ratings of Smooth Radio. In reality they just did what they were told by the previous management and all could have stayed, playing any new format the ‘new’ station will have.

    The people responsible for the failure of Smooth have long since gone ~ some with large pay-offs; These 3 dj’s are paying the price for THEIR poor judgement.

    It goes back to them buying Saga Radio stations, and losing the (growing) older audience those stations had, and aiming for a younger demographic more competed over by existing stations. A HUGE mistake by Ofcom and the government, plus some of the ‘suits’ at the stations have lost many millions for the companies.

    RESULT? Everyone loses. They are fighting over the same audience. And the dj’s who put their heart (!) and soul into the station are discarded and will be replaced with ones who were in nappies when much of the music they play was first issued.

    And of course, the ‘suits’ at Ofcom don’t care….and today’s listeners are forced to choose between non-local, syndicated stations all offering the SAME ‘musical baby food’ diet.

    1. Glenn Sarabi

      To be honest I can’t imagine many people choose these stations based on the presenter. On Smooth the jock probably does the least amount of input into the entire hour, music, ads and even news are probably all more time consuming than the presenter’s 5 20 second links.

      1. Len Groat

        I agree – but for advertisers such changes, and losing ‘names’, are not a good idea.

        The station has changed constantly and never fulfillled its potential as it’s aimed at too young an audience, (“29 year old Debbie” ) and is a cliche musically and style-wise, DULL

        1. Mark

          Smooth is aimed at 40-59 year olds (female skew). If they aim any older than that the advertisers are not interested, that’s why BBC local radio provides a valuable public service. Several commercial ventures have tried and failed to make money from stations aimed at the 60+ audience (including The Wireless, Saga, Primetime). The listener numbers are there but not the revenue.
          Most of the tracks played on Smooth are too old for “Debbie” assuming she was born in 1985. She is more likely to be a Heart, Kiss or Capital listener (if she listens to commercial radio).

  5. James Martin

    “I do hope now and that is true now.” “Non local syndicated stations are evil and I’m not bitter at GWR and Global at all”. Every thread about Smooth. Dave. Len. Please both of you. STFU.

      1. James Martin

        No. I’m a very kind person if you bother to get to know me. I don’t see in saying the same old same old at every given opportunity because I’ve got a masive chip on my shoulder because the Industry has – shock horror – changed since 1994 and I’ve ended up left behind.

        1. Len Groat

          “I’ve ended up left behind”

          @disqus_a5OIb3fC6N:disqus …

          I am RETIRED…………..

          I choose to work on a voluntary bases on a non-commercial internet oldies station (with 8000s songs in rotation ~ not 500) and the BEST jingles (for that format) of any in the UK or beyond.

          I’m 100% content with my life; I just get ticked off with people who have never had meaningful radio careers spouting juvenile cr@p!

    1. Len Groat

      …………James Martin………..

      I’m happy ANY TIME to match my ‘credentials’ in radio to yours. Do you want me to add up the people I discovered, trained, took on ‘from scratch’, who now run and work on BBC and commercial radio?

      I left ILR as I wanted to have more than one ‘career’, and wrote 6 books on ceramics after 20 years in radio.

      “I’m not bitter at GWR and Global”

      I NEVER worked for GWR – I left. I only worked on Smooth as I was persuaded to by one of the managers I gave his first radio job – I chose to leave 5 months later as I was moving to Portugal.

      What EXACTLY have YOU done with your life, sonny?

      1. History

        Yet again Len gets twitchy and brings out the same old comments as soon as someone criticises him in the way that he criticises everything else, every time.

        So you left radio and moved to Portugal then… and seem to spend your days carping about radio, that you left a long time ago on a website. What was it that you have done with your life again?


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