Smooth Radio's new multi-million campaign
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Smooth Radio’s new multi-million campaign

Global Radio is spending millions on marketing the new sound of Smooth Radio, now its new line-up and playlist is complete.

The station, now defined as Your Relaxing Music Mix, uses Michael Bublé in the television ad which airs for the first time this evening (Saturday) during during ITV’s ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’

The TV ad opens with a mysterious figure walking through the kitchen of a five star hotel, picking up a Smooth portable radio on his journey. Meanwhile, somewhere in the same hotel, a couple shares a meal in silence. As a door to the couple’s room opens, it is revealed that the mystery figure is Michael Bublé. As Michael places the radio on the table and turns up the volume, the atmosphere instantly changes and the couple relaxes in each other’s company, to the sound of ‘To Love Somebody’ from Bublé.

Global’s group marketing director Giles Pearman said, “Global is backing the Smooth brand with a multi-million pound investment in advertising and star on-air talent, including Kate Garraway, Andrew Castle and Myleene Klass. Michael Bublé is the perfect star for our TV adverts, as one of Smooth listeners most loved artists.”

Michael Bublésaid; “There are so many great artists they could have picked for this commercial. I loved the concept and the result. I hope that everyone else does.”

smooth fm in Australia also used Michael Bublé for a television commercial in 2012.

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  1. Colin Boaz Smith

    Nice commercial, and spot on front-man and music for this new campaign.

    It is an open secret that Global intend to target Magic in the vital London market. Former owners, northern thinking GMG, plunged this sleeping giant to its lowest ever reach. They didn’t have the creativity, strategic intelligence, or the muscle to crack the London market, and never produced a product that crawled over 4% reach and equally dismal shares. Beaten or equal to BBC London and the Asian staions. What else can this reflect but bad descision making and programming, led from the top.

    Park, as previous market leading programmer of Magic, knows London inside out. His formula is to pick the right bunch of songs, play them often, keep presenter bollocks to a minimun and the station image highest, and then blitz all media. That is what took Magic to No1 and held it there survey after survey.

    This annoys the hell out of the terminal anoraks, but Mrs Normal Listener loves it.

    Unlike the boys in Manchester, who played at London radio and failed by any measure, Park’s budgets will be appropriately scaled.

    The Global difference is like giving Morrisons a Waitrose refit.

  2. Len Groat

    Colin: “Former owners, northern thinking GMG”

    That’s a good take on GMG – “Northern thinking” that I’d not clicked – I never did understand WHY they did what they did as it was unsubtle and they clearly bought Saga Radio too fast, for FAR too much money and ‘lost the plot’. And all the management ‘suits’ who did that have long gone….

    As regards: “This annoys the hell out of the terminal anoraks, but Mrs Normal Listener loves it”

    I think that to be untrue this time.The ‘revolt’ by ‘Gold’ LISTENERS is loud and on-going; having their AM services ‘stolen’ by Smooth has back-fired on both stations. On the Smooth FB page even women are saying they don’t like women on the radio, and they are very aware they are tv people NOT dj’s. Daily there are posts asking what has happened to Simon Bates / Dean Martin.

    The (former) listeners are NOT happy bunnies, are making their feelings known on social media, so Global have to get that number back + plenty of new ones to pay for the “millions’ they are spending.

    Playing a Michael Buble, or Toys, record 120 times a month will not achieve anything for Smooth, or ‘Gold’ – and the LISTENERS have ‘clicked’ to it….

    1. mb

      Simon Bates is a great broadcaster but he couldn’t get an audience on Smooth Radio in London. It didn’t work and Londoners weren’t interested in tuning to 102.2. If he had stayed he wouldn’t have been on breakfast outside London (apart from the small audience on AM), as the Competition Commission decision ensured that the other Smooth stations had to have local breakfast and drive presenters.
      Kate Garraway is not a “TV person”, she did her broadcast training at BBC Radio Oxford, and has done relief radio work at BBC 5 Live and LBC.
      The profile of Smooth listeners is younger than Gold – Smooth has more listeners in every demographic band under 55. The audience numbers may go down but the advertising revenue will go up because the demographics are more attractive to advertisers (including the 35-54 age bracket).

    2. david royal

      Did you know, Len, that Smooth radio currently has 13,000 unique online listeners per month whilst solid Gold Gem AM (the station you broadcast on and assist with marketing) has 137 unique online listeners per month. It’s facts like this that make it hard for me to take Mr. Groat seriously. Your radio station has a very poor listenership and you probably need some advise from Global.

      Whilst I am sure some listeners won’t like the changes on smooth, there will be new listeners who will enjoy the station. I like the changes they have made so far on smooth and wish them every success. Ultimately it won’t be what myself or what Len Groat thinks but what the listening figures produce in 12 months time that what matters!

      1. Len Groat

        Dear “David Royal”

        I don’t usually reply to FIRST posts from anonymous writers/ the DS clique, as such comments clearly carry no weight, but since you don’t understand our station, I will.

        Solid Gold GEM-AM has NO commercials, NO transmitters. NO advertising budget so all your comparons are completely pointless. We never intended to be any more than we are : a FREE alternative to the narrow-casting of most of the large groups.

        Our team of NINETEEN 19 dj’s (16 more than ‘Gold’) have more years on-air BBC/ILR experience than ANY of the so called ‘commercial’ services, some of whom have lost a HUGE amount of money and continue to do so.We fund our station ourselves as we love RADIO, not the advertisers. it works, as we all enjoy being part of a superb station whose only goal is to offer an alternative CHOICE.

        We now have a healthy stream of donation from listeners who choose to send these as they love out station.

        For example…

        “It is my first time listening tonight and I can honestly say I have loved every second of it. Mainstream UK radio (a few songs on constant rotation) can not compete with you on any level. I recall being able to receive GEM AM on the AM band a few years ago and it was great back then but I can’t find it these days. Great presenters, great jingles and an amazing playlist.
        Thank you so much, I have the app now on all my devices ios and android.

        1. Lippy

          “…We fund our station ourselves as we love RADIO…”

          You quote, Len, above sums up the difference between the radio industry and Solid Gold Gem Am. Companies such as Global, provide a service for listeners. Giving listeners what they want whilst remaining a businesses.

          Stations such as Solid Gold GEM AM give radio anoraks a self-funding station for themselves.

          The two will never agree.

  3. Glasgowgreen

    Is there a reason that smooth radio keeps playing same songs everyday especially Kate Garraway,very repetitive and very 80s think they should go back a bit further,after all haven’t much choice since gold radio went off air in Scotland.

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