Radio Caroline wants 1kW to cover East Anglia
Radio Caroline wants 1kW to cover East Anglia
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Radio Caroline wants 1kW to cover East Anglia

Radio Caroline has asked Ofcom for permission to crank up a 1 kilowatt transmitter as part of its community radio application.

Most community radio stations operate at around 50 watts, covering an area of around 5 kilometres, but Caroline boss Peter Moore has requested no less than 1000 watts to reach its community of interest base across East Anglia. It proposes to cover an area bounded by Ipswich in the South, Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket in the West, Saxmundham to the East and Diss to the North.

In the application, Peter Moore says: “We would however seek permission to operate at a considerably higher power level outside the “typical” limits suggested. Radio Caroline, is not a traditional community radio station seeking to serve a small geographical “community of place”. As set out elsewhere in this application, Radio Caroline can best be described as a “community of interest” station, with potential listeners spread throughout East Anglia. This means that our coverage requirements are therefore atypical.”

The station has applied for a licence in Suffolk but proposes to broadcast most of the programmes from Kent, due to better internet connectivity, and from the Ross Revenge ship using 4G. Programming would be original for 20 hours per day and broadcast only in English.

If awarded a licence, the station could be on-air in time for the 50th anniversary of the Marine Offenses Act, on 14th August 2017.

AM Rock, another applicant for an AM community radio licence, has also requested an extended 20+ km radius to broadcast Rock, Blues, Folk and Jazz Music across East Kent.

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