Stuart and Katy to exit Heart Four Counties

Heart Four Counties breakfast show co-presenters Stuart Miles and Katy Hill are leaving the station this Friday.

The hosts announced news of their sudden departure on Wednesday morning, saying they will be hosting their last show this week.

On Thursday morning, the pair announced the show will be hosted by Ivan Berry who appeared live on-air in a civilised chat about the takeover. Ivan hasn’t worked on radio before but is currently a television presenter with London Live.

Singer Nicki French tweeted Stuart saying: “Just listened to @Stuart_Miles’ announce he is leaving his breakfast show – his lovely words about @dreurovision made me emotional! #love”

Katy has been hosting the show with Stuart for the last two and a half years, whilst Stuart has been there since 2010. They also worked together on Blue Peter in 2000.

Mark Sadler, managing editor, Heart Four Counties: “Ivan Berry will be joining us for a brand new Heart Breakfast show launching late August. Ivan is an exciting talent, having presented shows for MTV and Nickelodeon’s online platforms among many others. He’s also MC at his beloved Fulham FC on match days.”

Details of Ivan’s co-host will be announced shortly.

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  1. Qq505 says

    Surely they could have got Darren Spence from Viking, or Jon Holling from Tower to do this show?

    Jon Holling is good. Perhaps Heart London could move Jamie and Emma to drive, and Jon Holling to breakfast? Given that this change has happened… what next on Heart network?

    Heart Cambridgeshire to get new breakfast jocks?

  2. Emma says

    So Katy Hill doesn’t deserve a surname in your report. Why? Sad to see even Radio Today isn’t above the industries sexism.

    1. RadioToday says

      Or it was a simple oversight by the reporter?

  3. Dan Dean says

    They all sound the same, so does it matter…great broadcasters communicate with an audience which is why R2 playing some very average songs always come out on top…go into “anywhere” that does not have an in house radio station of it’s own nine times out of ten you will hear R2 …even places where the staff are relevantly young. People are not fools, they want a varied diet of music and speech delivered with personality, not the same songs day after day presented by people with nothing interesting to say…. who really cares about the latest show biz news, or what the weather/traffic girl’s take on events is, ….my window cleaner or young PA could not give a toss about that, they simply want to be entertained and informed to help them through their day….why do Global feel the need to have a local breakfast show???… offers nothing local except an out of date travel bulletin just to remind you where you were stuck three weeks ago, the light went last week but radio local still rabbit on about them !!…. Just have one service nationwide which is well researched and presented with personality and style…..truth is local is simply lip service.

    1. Qq505 says

      Wouldn’t you rather have Jon Holling on Heart London instead of Jamie and Emma? He’s done Heart North Wales drive, and is a good jock, worked on all the big stations – Hallam FM, Radio Aire, Viking FM, Heart North Wales, Tower FM, Signal 1, surely they could just give him the Heart London breakfast gig and move Jamie and Emma to drive on Heart London, with JK doing Saturday breakfast?

  4. rachel says

    will they keep time tunnel!!!!!?????? our office depends on this bit of morale.

  5. sharron grigg says

    Sorry to see katy & stuart go, all the best guys

  6. Steve says

    Nobody really gives a monkeys which DJ is on Heart, all the stations sound the same playing the same drivel content and playlist of 100 songs even in “local mode”, Candi Staton and robin S every effing day like they are still in the charts! As for Jon Holling this would be a waste of his talent to be on Heart FM.

    As for the new presenter he has only ever done TV so not exactly inspiring then again you don’t need to be to be on the blandness that is Heart.

    1. Qq505 says

      jon Holling was on Heart North Wales in 2014 doing weekend shows while doing Tower FM. If he’s on Heart London breakfast it’s not a waste of his talent is it… perhaps he’d be better on Capital London breakfast if Roman Kemp and co-presenter were moved to drive?

      It’s their flagship station.

  7. Jan says

    Whats the reason why stuart and katy left

  8. Marg says

    never gonna listen to Heart again !!! Stuart and Katie were part of our school run!!!!

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