Gaunt defends himself in court

Jon Gaunt is in court today to uphold his right to freedom of expression after he was fired from talkSPORT for calling a local councillor a nazi and an ignorant pig.

Ofcom upheld all 53 complaints about the interview between him and councillor Michael Stark in 2008.

The presenter, who is now working with the Sun newspaper’s online radio station SunTalk, is supported by human rights group Liberty who will argue that there is a difference between causing an offence and causing public or personal harm.

Ofcom originally found talkSPORT in breach of the broadcasting code, saying Gaunt had the potential to cause offence to many listeners by virtue of the language used and the manner in which Jon Gaunt treated his interviewee.

Gaunt said he was disappointed by the station’s decision to let him go.

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Posted on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 at 12:35 am by Duty Reporter

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