Capital listeners takeover Rock FM page

Comments on a Rock FM Facebook post rocketed after Capital Yorkshire’s Simon Hirst mentioned it on-air for stealing one of their ideas.

Hirsty’s Daily Dose asked listeners to shame Rock FM’s Matt Spokes after taking a Capital feature and passing it off as his own.

The harmless banter is based around Clio Watch, which has been on Hirsty’s Daily Dose for over five years. It started when Hirsty, Danny and JoJo came to the conclusion that fit girls drive Clio’s and listeners have been spotting them ever since. In return, the guys give a polite nod on-air to the lady who has been spotted.

Now, former Galaxy 105 DJ Matt Spokes has “come up with the idea” of Mini Watch on Rock FM and posted a Facebook message about it yesterday. The Yorkshire breakfast show saw this and decided to get Capital listeners to give him a gentle ribbing for nicking the idea.

Within moments of mentioning it on-air, comments rocketed from 33 to over 400.

Matt posted: “I have a theory that all MINI drivers are HOT! Help prove my theory…. do you know someone that drives a MINI? Are they hot! Are you the hotty driving a MINI? Let me know! #MiniWatch.”

We suspect Matt probably wasn’t expecting answers from his listeners such as “You’ve obviously not seen the ones in Wigan” and “My 61 year old father in law drives the mini”.

Capital listeners then posted over 500 comments calling Matt a thief..

Posted on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 at 10:38 am by RadioToday UK

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