Global Radio takes control of Smooth Radio

EXCLUSIVE: Global Radio is starting to integrate parts of Real & Smooth into its business, by moving Smooth Radio London to Leicester Square.

In a group-wide announcement this morning, Global Radio and Real & Smooth bosses told staff the news, saying the Smooth programming and sales teams in London and West Midlands will merge with Global Radio’s teams.

Smooth Radio’s programming team in Manchester, which involves presenters, journalists, producers and administrators will also transfer to London.

Global Radio purchased GMG Radio last June but the two companies have been operating in a Hold Separate situation ever since.

The Competition Commission don’t have an issue with the London or West Midlands markets, but have said Global Radio must sell some stations, including Smooth Radio in a number of regions.

Programming will be made in Global Radio’s London HQ in Leicester Square and provided to all Smooth Radio stations in England, as it does now.

A number of jobs are being put at risk, but no further details have been released.

Smooth Radio Glasgow will continue to take networked programmes from London, along with a local breakfast and afternoon show as required in its Format.

A spokesperson for Global Radio told RadioToday: “Global Radio has today confirmed that the Smooth brand and its programming team will relocate to Global Radio’s headquarters in Leicester Square by the beginning of October.

“The Real and Smooth Limited Direct sales team will also relocate to Leicester Square and to the new Global broadcast centre in Birmingham by October. Remaining areas of business will continue to operate under hold separate.”

In March this year Global Radio offered to sell Real Radio XS and Gold East Midlands to please the Competition Commission but this was rejected.

A tribunal is set for October in which Global Radio will argue against the CC’s decision which said Global Radio must sell stations in the Wales and Scotland, along with England’s Northeast, Nortwest, East Midlands and Yorkshire.

Posted on Monday, August 12th, 2013 at 10:23 am by RadioToday UK

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