New type of quiz for Magic Network North

Bauer Radio’s Magic Network across the North of England has launched a competition where listeners can compete against up to 20-thousand others at the same time.

The group says the ‘Please Hold Caller’ multi-player quiz, which launched on Friday is a radio first. It’s been designed and developed together with production company Wise Buddah and is airing daily on Nick Wright’s networked weekday mid-morning show.

Bauer says as well as providing ‘engaging on air content’, it’s also generating revenue from calls, which are charged at £1 from a BT landline. Listeners call in and several questions are posed in sequence. Only those answering correctly with their touch pad stay on the line. The questions get progressively harder and once there are only a handful of callers remaining the presenter poses a ‘nearest to’ question before winners are selected.

Nick told us: “To be able to engage so many listeners all at the same time is revolutionary and brings another dimension to my show and radio competitions across the globe. The development work we have put into this also allows me to speak to any caller at any time and relay in real time the percentage of people answering questions correctly or incorrectly. As the tension mounts and we whittle down the number of competitors we can inform those still playing how close they are to winning.”

There’s a prize pot for each day and a maximum number of winners. So, for example, there could be 20 callers winning £50 each, 5 winning £100 each or 1 winning £1000.

Simon Willis, Head of Content from Wise Buddah, said: “Wise Buddah has been developing the gameplay and tech that powers Please Hold Caller for over a year. It’s great to finally hear it come alive on-air. Please Hold Caller is just the first of a number of ideas that will generate non-traditional revenues for broadcasters and we are pleased to have delivered this industry leading concept for Bauer Radio.”

Posted on Monday, November 18th, 2013 at 12:12 pm by RadioToday UK

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