Smash Hits format launches in the States

A new radio format has launched in the States by radio programmer Jason Kidd, called.. Smash Hits.

Owner New Generation Radio says the brand is “an exciting music format that concentrates on 80’s hits with some late 70’s and early 90’s mixed in”.

The name, whilst similar to the pop magazine and radio station owned (but no longer operated) by Bauer, has no connection to the UK brand. Smash Hits Radio closed in August last year but regularly had over a million listeners on digital. The music television channel continues.

New Generation Radio’s President Jason Kidd says: “Smash Hits is the next generation of oldies without saying the word ‘oldies.’ I’ve spent the last couple of months traveling and listening to a lot of radio. There really is nothing like Smash Hits. There are oldies/classic hit stations that target 50 and over but very few focus on the 30-50 year old demographic.”

He adds: “In this day in age where radio stations are doing more with less staff, it is becoming harder and harder to put out a super compelling product where listeners become addicted. With competition from mp3’s, digital music services, satellite, and the forthcoming product CarPlay Dashboard by Apple, radio must be better than ever. NGR helps maintain the integrity of the product by getting in the trenches. We work with you every step of the way and put out a product that stands out from all the rest. We get you to #1 and keep you there.”

Jason Kidd’s portfolio consists of 20+ years of programming experience in multiple formats. He spent 10 years programming for CBS Radio, most recently at WPGC in Washington, DC. Prior to that, he programmed at WQSR Baltimore, WWMX Baltimore and KQBT Austin. Before joining CBS Radio, Jason spent five years with Clear Channel Entertainment programming WKST/Pittsburgh and WWHT Syracuse. He also worked at Sirius/XM for six and a half years.

Posted on Thursday, March 20th, 2014 at 3:02 pm by RadioToday

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