Phonic FM plays offensive song by TISM

Ofcom has found community radio station Phonic FM in breach of its licence after playing part of a song called I Might Be a C**t, But I’m Not a F***ing C**t.

Ofcom noted the appearance of the word “f**k” in the following opening lyric of the track: “I might be a rockstar, but I’ll never be a critic. I might like porno, but Baywatch is f**king sick. I might have screwed your sister, but I’ll never screw your -”.

The presenter then stopped the track, saying the following: “Hold on, that’s not the version I was expecting. My extreme apologies go out to everybody listening for that massive faux pas – that’s the non-radio edit version which isn’t suitable for broadcast. Sorry, sorry”.

The station said that the programme it played on fulfils one of Phonic FM’s key commitments, which is to: “target listeners who are keen to hear alternative arts and local interest programming..”

The Licensee also said: “It is deeply regrettable that the incident should have occurred when the show was being listened to by someone outside that particular part of the intended target audience.”

Ofcom said: “In considering whether children would have particularly likely to have been listening in this case, we noted that one of Phonic FM’s key commitments is to: “target listeners who are keen to hear alternative arts and local interest programming…such as…young people”. We therefore considered it materially likely that children (i.e. people under the age of fifteen years) would have been in the audience.

“The inclusion of the word “fucking” in a music track was an example of the most offensive language, and to broadcast this on a Saturday afternoon was therefore a clear breach of Rule 1.14 of the Code.”

It’s the third time the station has been under the Ofcom spotlight after complaints, and is now on notice that should similar compliance issues arise in future, further regulatory action will be taken.

Previous incidents include swearing and playing more tracks with offensive lyrics.

Posted on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 at 12:10 pm by RadioToday

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