Tweet of the Day goes global at Radio 4

Tweet of the Day flies the nest and ventures beyond Britain’s shores as Sir David Attenborough presents a new series for BBC Radio 4.

When Tweet of the Day launched last year, it was only British birds that were used, but now the team will begin looking around the globe for the most interesting, distinctive and peculiar birdsong to bring back to Radio 4 listeners.

The series begins with the blue bird of paradise. “The crow sized blue birds of paradise provide a spectacular flash of blue in the Papua New Guinea rainforests yet it is the male’s dazzling courtship performance which grabs a female’s attention,” the station says.

The new series starts September 1st at 5:58am with Sir David Attenborough, produced by Andrew Dawes for BBC Radio 4.

Posted on Monday, August 18th, 2014 at 5:58 am by RadioToday

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