Ice + studio desk doesn't mix at Bauer

What happens when you throw an Ice Bucket over a presenter live on-air? Let’s find out.
Those words were no doubt spoken in the Bauer offices in Glasgow this morning as Robin Galloway’s producer Kieran Welsby decided to cover Robin – and all the studio equipment – in melting ice.
Robin told us: “This knocked my co host Jo’s microphone off line and caused a temporary glitch with the digital faders – all of which had to be re-set. Luckily there was no dead air.”
It happened at 8:20 Wednesday morning during the networked breakfast show on Clyde, Forth, Northsound, MFR 2, Tay AM and Westsound. Robin added: “For a couple of minutes Kieran thought his UK radio career was all washed up but several dish towels later – normal service was resumes. Tomorrow’s show will be brought to you by Plenty Kitchen Roll.”
If you can’t see the video above – try here.

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Posted on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 at 11:17 am by RadioToday UK

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