TCR FM found in breach of Key Commitments

Community radio station TCR FM in Tamworth has been found in Breach of its Key Commitments after a single complaint was made to Ofcom.

The issue was with TCR FM’s music to speech ratio, which should be 80% music and 20% speech during daytime hours.

Ofcom investigated and found more speech was being broadcast at night time, a time when most volunteers are available, the station said. TCR FM told the regulator it always understood “daytime” to be 6am till midnight.

“The figures…were set against a target of a week, rather than per day. Some days were slightly lower, and some slightly higher and achieved a weekly figure of 21% in line with the commitment,” the station said.

After the misunderstanding, the station says it is now meeting or exceeding the required 20% in daytime – 6am to 7pm. Ofcom acknowledged and welcomed the steps taken by the Licensee to ensure that speech levels during daytime are now compliant with those required by its Key Commitments.

“We accepted that there appeared to have been a genuine misunderstanding of the regulation in this area on the part of TRB’s (Tamworth Radio Broadcasting CIC) management.”

Posted on Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 at 7:46 am by RadioToday

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