Adrian Chiles has a swim in Salford Quays

BBC Radio 5 live Daily’s Adrian Chiles has had an outdoor swimming session in Salford Quays – just outside the station’s studio.

After overcoming the initial shock of entering the water Adrian described the experience as “incredibly liberating” and questioned “who’d want to swim in a swimming pool, going up and down, when you can get into open water like this. When you go out for a run you don’t go up and down 50 metre shuttle runs. You go out and move around don’t you”.

Describing the experience as ‘liberating’ Adrian was joined by swimming coach David Quartermain. David has been swimming since the early 1990s and operates an open water swimming company called USWIM in Manchester.

On the day, the water in Salford was 19°c. The temperature of the water in your average swimming pool is around 26°c. However, Adrian did have the edge taken off the temperatures thanks to his wetsuit.

David explained that Adrian’s enthusiasm for open water swimming is not uncommon telling the BBC 5 live presenter “one of the big attractions is the sense of freedom being out here. Once they (people) give it a go they are addicted.”

When questioned on whether Adrian would swim the English Channel next he replied “yeah”.

Adrain took over the mid-morning show on 5 live last October and currently hosts the Monday and Tuesday edition.

Posted on Thursday, July 30th, 2015 at 3:24 pm by RadioToday

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