Stafford presenter goes in search of S Club 7

Stafford FM’s Stu Haycock wasn’t happy being told his S Clue 7 interview was cancelled so didn’t stop movin’ till he found the band himself.

He said goodbye to his sleep and tried to reach the stars at their hotel after their late night gig was delayed at a local club, eventually finding one of the band members, Jo.

It was a two in a million chance but she agreed to an interview and a photo.

Stu Haycock said, “We arrived at the club, as arranged, at 9.45pm, but I took a phone call saying they were now not due on stage until 12.30, and they wouldn’t be doing any interviews. Knowing that I had to be up for breakfast at 4am, I decided to take the initiative and find out where the band were staying in town.”

He continued, “Stafford’s a small place, and everyone knows everyone. A few phone calls later, and I had a location. So, I jumped into the car and headed for the hotel they had been spotted in. I felt like a real pap!”

The experience from the evening was broadcast brought back to life during the Breakfast Show on Friday morning (14th August).

Stu added, ”Fairplay to Jo, she could have told me to do one, but she was actually quite accommodating, and once I’d managed to talk with her, she posed for photos and gave me a high five for being so persistent. It made for a far more interesting interview because I recorded the entire chase!”

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Posted on Monday, August 17th, 2015 at 11:06 am by RadioToday UK

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