Opinion: Behind the headlines for Radio X

The news first surfaced in April – firstly as industry rumours then as articles in Pop Bitch and The Sun, then the rest of the media picked it up.

We’re talking the return of Chris Moyles to breakfast radio.

Over the past six months we’ve talked with many people about the development – both on and off the record – and there’s never been any doubt it was a done deal a long time ago.

Radio X is coming and going national, with Chris Moyles, Vernon Kay, Johnny Vaughn, Ricky Wilson and more in two weeks time.

So now is the time to buy shares in digital radio manufacturers as Global’s new station line-up and multi-million pound national advertising campaign puts the spotlight on DAB. A long overdue boost for the platform. The only issue for some is that Moyles will be Mono, but at least Sandy Beech has been recruited to make some new jingles.

Global’s competitors have also been aware of the news. They’ve had more than enough time to adapt to the news and today’s announcements will come as no shock. Absolute Radio going on FM in the West Midlands today? Co-incidence or reactive?

The station which will be most affected is BBC Radio 1, especially when the Chris Moyles fan club, who are still hanging on in there, retune. Radio 1 is getting hit from all angles at the moment with the recent departure of Zane Lowe and other presenters/producers, the launch of Beats 1, Nick Grimshaw being off-air frequently with X Factor commitments, and now their biggest star of recent times going up against them.

Global likes to hire big names for its music radio brands (Emma Bunton, Jason Donovan, Tim Westwood, Myleene Klass, Kate Garraway, John Suchet etc) but this new schedule seems different. Chris Moyles is the ultimate anorak turned radio professional and will no doubt bring in a crowd. People will come for Chris and stay for Vernon and Johnny.

It’s an all-star all-male line-up which will hit the target audience 100%. XFM Nationwide has almost a million listeners at the moment, and within a couple of years we should expect to see double that.

It’s also great that Chris is in charge of the show. From his interview in The Sun it sounds like he has the first and last say to what goes on air.

But whatever happens – today will be remembered as Chris Moyles day – the day he returned to the media spotlight and gave radio the attention it deserves.

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Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2015 at 9:00 am by RadioToday UK

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