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JACK fm tells the truth about Father Christmas

Breakfast presenters Trevor Marshall and Caroline Verdon hosted an extra show on JACK fm last night to discuss Father Christmas.

The show, aimed at adults only, featured interviews with guests who told their children the truth about Father Christmas from the start alongside others who do everything they can to keep the magic of Christmas and belief in Father Christmas alive.

Programme Controller Tim Parker said: “It was not our intention to offend anyone or ruin the magic of Christmas. The show was purposefully broadcast late at night from 10pm-midnight when small children would have been in bed. Throughout the two hours parents were clearly told to make sure children were not listening.”

The show is available to listen to online on JACK fm Oxford’s website.

Trevor Marshall said: “It’s a show I have always wanted to be able to do, but never had the baubles for before! We know not everyone will have liked it but many enjoyed its honesty”

Caroline Verdon added: “It’s something we talk about every year with our friends and family – why not put that on the radio?”

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