Original 106 Drivetime presenter drunk on air

Craig McDonald, Original 106’s afternoon drivetime presenter has been drinking on the job!.

But it was all in controlled circumstances, and in the name of promoting road safety.

To mark the first anniversary of the change in the legal alcohol limit for drivers in Scotland, Aberdeen’s Original 106 Drivetime show teamed up with “Driversity” a local company that promotes road-safety with driving simulators, to broadcast from their premises yesterday.

Under the auspices of Absafe and Police Scotland, presenter Craig McDonald consumed alcohol throughout his show and was tested on his driving ability on the simulators. He was also subject to breathalyser tests throughout which initially demonstrated even with a minimal amount of alcohol in his bloodstream, his ability to drive was immediately – and dangerously reduced.

By the completion of his three hour show, his breathalyser showed he would have been 150% over the legal limit.

Programme Controller Martin Ingram who was in attendance to act as co presenter, as Craig’s ability to present deteriorated told RadioToday: “I think this has been a very valuable exercise which has had the full support of Police Scotland, to get across the message that the only safe drink level to drive with is zero. Craig did an amazing job presenting his show under these extraordinary circumstances!”

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Posted on Friday, December 4th, 2015 at 10:11 am by RadioToday UK

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