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Wave 105 caller uses F word on winning £20k

An investigation into a competition winner swearing on air on Wave 105 during Rick Jackson’s Drive Time show has been considered “Resolved” by Ofcom.

During his show on 23rd October, Rick called a listener live on air who had entered a text-in competition, the Big £20,000 Bonus, to tell them they’d won. The winner was then heard to use the F-word. Rick immediately apologised and asked them not to swear again.

Bauer alerted Ofcom that an example of offensive language had been used on its station, so an investigation was launched. They said that the competition had been running for six years and the nature of its format made it difficult to pre-record or pre-warn the winner and were reluctant to change the mechanic.

They also said that they felt it was an isolated incident and had told the presenter in future to warn a competition winner not to swear just before telling them they’d won.

Although the swear word was broadcast in the afternoon during the school holidays, Ofcom took into account that Rick had apologised immediately and warned the listener twice not to swear again. They also noted that steps had been taken to warn listeners live on air not to swear, before they were told that they’d won and so considered the matter resolved.

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