Jeremy Irons drops BBC Radio 2 breakfast F Bomb

Chris Evans was on the receiving end of another breakfast show swearing incident today as actor Jeremy Irons dropped the F word.

Both Chris and Jeremy immediately apologised, before some of his team making light of the situation, much to Chris’ annoyance.

Irons was on the show promoting the new Ben Wheatley film High-Rise. The actual sentence went something like: “You know what I do when I find a good actor? I say to him, ‘You have a wonderful voice. Have you ever listened to it?’ And the actor is f**ked”.

“You can’t say that on the BBC!” Chris then said. “So not only is the actor, but so it the programme,” he continued.

Have a listen below, and hear it in the mix with other similar bloopers during “Oldies & Outtakes” on inRadio tonight from 9pm.

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