Radio Caroline back on-air for anniversary

Easter Monday marks 52 years since Radio Caroline launched programmes for the first time and the station is still going strong.

Caroline North is streaming all weekend from the Ross Revenge in the Blackwater Estuary in Essex and was also available on Manx Radio’s 1368AM Saturday and Sunday. Presenters include Ray Clark, Barry James, Johnny Lewis, Dave Foster, Steve Anthony, Kevin Turner and Chris Pearson

The broadcast is a fundraiser for the station, taking place across all three channels it operates, Caroline North from Ross Revenge, Radio Caroline and Caroline Flashback.

About half of the money raised will fund continuing expansion of its broadcast operations, and the other half will go to fund Ross Revenge expenses. Caroline is now on DAB in Glasgow, Portsmouth, Norwich and Woking.

“Editorially and musically we’ll continue to trace the history of Radio Caroline covering the years 1978-1980, culminating in the loss of our radio ship Mi Amigo on March 20th 1980,” the station says.

You can listen via the website at

Posted on Monday, March 28th, 2016 at 8:53 am by Roy Martin

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