Complaint over LBC using RDS flag before ads

LBC has been transmitting the RDS signal prior to playing adverts but has now fixed the problem after a complaint was made to Ofcom.

The regulator was made aware that the Global station was raising two consecutive traffic announcement ‘flags’ – one for the traffic announcement, and then immediately after the lowering of the ‘flag’ (signalling the end of the traffic announcement) raising it again for some of the advertisements which followed.

LBC responded, saying that an issue with the custom software that allows the RDS traffic alert flag to be raised and lowered automatically
was identified and fixed. It explained that alerts and procedures are in place to highlight irregularities in the operation of the RDS traffic alert system, but as this particular set of circumstances had not arisen before, the issue in question had not been caught.

Ofcom acknowledged that the inappropriate use of the RDS system by LBC was due to an unintentional and previously unidentified technical issue so decided to not uphold the single complaint.

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