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Radio 2 swaps Claudia Winkleman and Clare Teal

BBC Radio 2 has announced a schedule change to coincide with BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing: The Results.

From Sunday 2 October until mid-December, Strictly co-host Claudia Winkleman’s weekly show and Clare Teal’s swinging big band programme will swap places in the Radio 2 schedule. Claudia on Sunday will now air on Sundays at 9-11pm, while Clare Teal will broadcast on the same day at 7-9pm.

The BBC says the programmes have switched slots to avoid a scheduling clash between Claudia’s weekly Radio 2 show and her appearance presenting Strictly Come Dancing: The Results on BBC One, even though the TV show is pre-recorded the night before.

Clare Teal’s first show in her new slot will feature an interview with Van Morrison. She said: ‘To say I’m very much looking forward to interviewing mega legend and singer song writing genius Sir Van Morrison would be somewhat of an understatement! What a fantastic way to kick off our new earlier time slot – pow!’

In Claudia’s show she’ll be taking over Sunday night relaxation duties with two hours of music, soundtrack choices and listener dedications. ‘I’m delighted that I’m swapping times with Clare on Radio 2 on a Sunday night as NO-ONE should be on the radio and TV at the same time, so you are spared,’ she said.

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