Alex Lester to take over BBC WM Breakfast

Former BBC Radio 2 presenter Alex Lester is returning to BBC WM as its new breakfast show presenter.

Alex is taking over from Adrian Goldberg who’s doing more national radio cover, including at 5 live and Radio 4. Adrian told listeners this morning that he is leaving the show in two weeks time to also spend more time with his family.

Born-and-raised in Walsall, Alex started his broadcasting career at BBC WM / Radio Birmingham in 1977 and worked in local radio around the country before moving to Radio 2 in 1987.

He worked for Radio 2 for most of his career where he was well known for keeping truckers and night owls entertained through the early hours.

Speaking about his new show he said: “There’s nowhere like Birmingham and the Black Country – the humour, the pubs, the people… the pork scratchings! I was brought up around here on a diet of Aynuck and Ayli jokes and world-class music from the likes of local blokes like ELO. It’s great to be back home in a job I love, talking to my favourite kind of people every day. Adrian is a brilliant broadcaster who I know will be missed. It’s a great privilege to step into the biggest shoes in the West Midlands.”

Adrian said: “WM is my ‘home’ station. I’ll still be listening every day. I’m going to miss my daily connection with the listeners but I’ve got a young family and with my other radio work developing nationally, I also want to spend precious time with the kids who I just don’t see enough at the moment. Alex is a fantastic broadcaster who’ll be working alongside a top team and he’ll be a great replacement.”

BBC WM Editor Sarah Harness said: “I’m thrilled Alex Lester is joining us for Breakfast, he’s a true radio professional and a local lad. I’m really confident that listeners will love his warmth and fun as he gets the day going. Adrian has been brilliant for BBC WM and we wish him well for his future on network radio, he’s a big friend of the station so I know he’ll be popping back from time to time.”

Breakfast with Alex Lester will kick off on Monday 20 March, weekdays 6-9am. Mollie Green presents Early Breakfast 5-6am.

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  1. Ciaran Flavin says

    good luck to alex. I hope he will still be on radio 2 as much as poss and carry on with sundays on bbc kent. Adrian Goldberg let himself down on Talksport where he used to use vulgar language on a regular basis.

  2. George jones says

    Yes Alex lester is a legend

  3. Chris McCarthy says

    You just can’t keep a good Dark Lord down. Can you turn the power up so I can receive in South Wales.

    1. George jones says

      Will the dark lord be staying on the blue pig canal boat during the week great days ha ha

  4. Evie Thurston Parker says

    Alex is a great presentence it hasn’t been the same. I listen to my C.Ds now as it’s boring in the early hours without a bit of banter ?

  5. Mr B says

    Fantastic news Dark Lord,forget Lent I gave up radio 2 foreverbafter yourself and Janice finish.Shall be grand to have you back on air longer

  6. geoff biffen says

    brilliant news i am now going to put a dab wireless in the lorry and the car .listening to the dark lord is a must but how many listeners will this cost radio 2 .bob shenan wake up man and listen to the licence payers before you bring radio 2 to its knees. Alex all the best we will all be listening.From Geoff biffen carshalton surrey

  7. Derek Smith says

    Good luck Alex – hope it is the success you deserve.

  8. Sarah H says

    Radio 2’s loss is WM’s gain. Good luck to Alex and good riddance to the radio 2 executives for axeing such a great DJ. I just switched over in protest as I’m sure will many other listeners…

  9. Steve B says

    Great news. I too hope Alex continues his Sunday show on BBC Kent.
    Also for WM if management are wise they will need to rethink the show. It’s happened in the past in BBC Local Radio for a big signing at Breakfast only to be ruined by not changing the format. For Alex to work in that slot it needs to be a show with news, and not a news show,.

  10. Tom says

    I hope he knows how to use the traffic news RDS cancel button as no other WM presenters do.

  11. Marie mulrennan says

    Alex is a good presenter. Warming to him. Need a break. Its morning people generally are rushing around. The odd record /musical interlude would be welcome. Can i request perhaps a classical/choiral or pop theme et et etc

  12. richard simpson says

    good luck alex, glad to see you back in the chair after the appalling treatment by radio 2 who i now dont touch with a stick. shame i cant hear you down here in essex, cheers, tobacco jack.

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