Cumbria’s Cando FM in breach of radio licence

Cando FM, the community radio station run by Furness College in Cumbria has been found in breach of its Key Commitments.

Ofcom monitored the station for three days after a complaint was made, and heard “a large amount of music and very little locally-relevant editorial content”.

The Licensee recognised that is was not fulfilling the key commitments in its licence at the time of monitoring, saying one of the main reasons for its failure to deliver the required programming was that, because Cando FM is part of an educational establishment, it tends to lose volunteer presenters over the summer holiday period, and it then takes time during September and October to recruit new volunteers and train them up to the required standard.

Cando FM told Ofcom that it was introducing a number of measures to ensure that the station was compliant with its Key Commitments going forward.

Recognising that the station needs to provide an increased level of speech content in order to meet its Key Commitments, Cando FM said that: “It is our intention that our work with community groups and the council will facilitate discussion on and off air about local issues and projects, and will allow for the expression of more opinion around these matters in our broadcast output”.

Ofcom said: “Based on the evidence of our monitoring period, it was clear that Cando FM had not been delivering a number of core programming elements required by the Key Commitments set out in its licence. This was acknowledged by the Licensee.

“Our Decision, therefore, was that the Licensee was in breach of its licence. However, we welcomed the positive steps that Cando FM is taking going forward, and in particular its plans to create more speech content through better community engagement.”

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