Radio station in breach for sponsored news

Radio Sangam has been found in breach of the broadcasting code for sponsoring its news bulletins.

The community radio station, which serves the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities of Huddersfield, went against Rule 10.3 of the Code which says “No commercial reference, or material that implies a commercial arrangement, is permitted in or around news bulletins or news desk presentations…”

The following pre-recorded sponsorship credit was broadcast on Radio Sangam before every clock hour from 28 October to 9 December 2016: “On the hour, every hour, this is Radio Sangam national and international news, in association with Haji Jewellers, [address] – providers of jewellery for all occasions – telephone, [number]”.

The station said: “This was a genuine oversight of this rule and came about due to misinformation about promos and jingles from a highly regarded broadcasting organisation in the UK who were acting as a consultant to [the station] during [its] first year of broadcasting.”

The Licensee said it was “taking this up as a legal matter with this organisation, separately to this investigation.”

Posted on Monday, February 20th, 2017 at 11:14 am by RadioToday

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