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Radio Sangam fails to log programming output

Radio Sangam, the community radio station serving the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities of Huddersfield, is in trouble with Ofcom for not recording its output.

Ofcom received a complaint regarding the Licensee’s compliance with Section Ten of the Code (commercial communications on radio). The regulator therefore asked the station’s owner, Communities Together, for a recording of the relevant output – broadcast on 6 December 2016 – so it could assess the complaint.

However, the station said it found that part of the relevant disk was damaged so was not able to provide a recording of transmission.

Ofcom rules state that all stations must make and retain, for a period of 42 days from the date of its inclusion, a recording of every programme.

Radio Sangam says it has now installed a new system, and is keeping a back-up of its back-up in future. But because Ofcom was not able to assess and investigate the original complaint, it found the station in breach of its licence.

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