TeamRock Radio staff launch Primordial Radio

Former staff from TeamRock Radio have launched a Seedrs fundraising campaign to launch a new rock metal radio station.

Hugh Evans and Russ Collington are leading the team to bring Primordial Radio to life and has raised over £12,000 in the first couple of hours since opening the funding bid.

The aim is to raise £130,012 to bring a service to market, said to be an evolution of radio: “A mixture of Tinder meets Spotify, meets radio, says Moose, former Head of Radio at TeamRock.

Primordial Radio aims to serve the UK rock and metal community by combining the intimacy and personality of radio with the freedom, control, and choice of digital streaming. Users will control the music surrounding the emotion, opinion, and personality of the station, giving a simultaneous unique and shared experience. Our community is fiercely independent but don’t want to be alone.

Here’s a video to explain more about the project.

Posted on Monday, May 8th, 2017 at 4:56 pm by RadioToday staff

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