KCC sets challenge to leave phones at home

Knowsley community radio station KCC has launched a campaign challenging listeners to leave their mobile phones alone for 24 hours.

The station aims to document how young people, in particular, are able to cope without being able to access social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for 24 hours.

The project, which has been funded by The Big Lottery Fund and Durham University, aims to observe the behaviours of those taking part to evaluate and identify possible indicators of addiction, analysing young people their smart phone for the day.

Programme Director Hywel Evans leading on the project is encouraging as many people to join in. He told RadioToday: “This is the first time we have done anything like this and we can’t wait to see the results. Some young people have never known life without their phone and are often glued to them. We hope to produce a documentary at the end of all the fun that shows ways of managing ‘time online’ in a helpful and liberating way.”

As part of the initiative, KCC Live is taking a group of young people to the summit of Mt. Snowdon in Wales, to see what happens when they have only themselves and not thousands online to keep them company. KCC Live reporters were active all day interviewing students and participants on June 28th.

Posted on Thursday, June 29th, 2017 at 8:33 pm by Matthew Hardman

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