Janice Long to stay past summer at Radio Wales

Former Radio 1 and Radio 2 presenter Janice Long is to become a permanent part of BBC Radio Wales’ evening schedule after joining the station for the summer.

She’s been presenting a Summer Nights programme Mondays to Thursdays from Wrexham – it’s understood the new show will continue to feature live sessions from big names and provide a platform for Welsh artists.

Radio Wales is also going to broadcast a new six-part sitcom next February, which will be written by and star Gavin & Stacey’s Ruth Jones. Called Splott, it will be set in the Cardiff district of the same name and be about the life of a single mum.

Ruth Jones says: “Let’s be honest, who can’t help but love the name Splott. A name made more loveable by the fact that it’s a real place nestled in the heart of Wales’s capital. I’m so excited to be playing a strong gutsy Cardiffian in what I hope is going to be a refreshingly daft and silly sit com on Radio Wales.”

Colin Paterson, Editor of Radio Wales says: “Ruth is one of the biggest comedy talents of her generation; I couldn’t be more pleased that she has agreed to work with Radio Wales. And welcoming Janice in as a permanent part of the existing line-up shows we’re serious about bringing our audience the biggest names.”

Other changes to the schedule see a new Sunday morning show from September, initially presented by Lucy Owen. This will be followed by Owen Money’s Solid Gold Sunday over Sunday lunchtime.

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  1. Jason R says

    Good news as Janice Long is a welcome change to the evening and it means an hour less of Chris Needs. Lucy Owen is back albeit initially? Come on let her stay on the show permanent.

  2. Dan Dean says

    Dreadful station…20 million pounds of tax payers money is wasted on this dross. There is no place for it anymore as it appeals to nobody with it’s poor man Radio 2 with bits of R5 format and dreadful presenters who are clueless about life outside Cardiff.
    Janice Long is dreadful….sounds bored and unable to communicate as she talks about things such as the air condition and the newsroom, sounding like a poor local radio DJ, with respect she is only there because she lost her R2 slot and RW think that her name will get them an audience, how totally misguided and clueless is that.
    Following that Chris Needs….what a sad man he is, me me and more me…forever talking about his ailments and so far up the Valley he is unable to see his Rhondda in daylight….he really needs!!!!..therapy.
    It really is a dreadful station…20 million!!!!

  3. John B-S says

    I don’t live in Wales but have heard Janice Long’s new show on Radio Wales and I am delighted she has got the evening slot there. Janice is very warm and human – a real personality who is passionate about the music she plays and the artists she meets and I am sure there will be many in Wales who will enjoy her show. I miss hearing her on Radio 2. I understand Radio Wales is based in Cardiff and broadcasts in English and it is in many ways the equivalent of local radio in England and Radio Scotland and Ulster in other parts of the UK. I don’t know if it is too Cardiff-centred but I’m sure it very relevant despite what Dan says. There is also BBC Radio Cymru which broadcasts in Welsh and long may that continue

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