MKFM collects over 64,000 Food Bank tins

MKFM’s campaign to collect 50,000 tins of food for the MK Food Bank over 90 days has overachieved its goal, with 64,112 tins collected by the radio station for the local community.

The tins collected over the three-month campaign will be used in part to help feed local children who will be without Free School Meals over the Summer period.

MKFM’s Darren and Lia launched the campaign in response to news that there are now 2,000 Food Banks operated around the UK, with 12 of those being in Milton Keynes.

The collection was aided with additional help from Tesco, who operated a week of activity inside their stores, and London Midland, who announced about the collection on train services running through Milton Keynes Central.

Holiday Inn Central Milton Keynes also assisted the campaign, with a donation of £2,000 allowing the Food Bank to purchase 6,000 tins for the campaign.

In response to the news, Project Manager at MK Food Bank John Marshall said: “We’ve had a tremendous response from the local community and companies to the MKFM 50,000 Tins campaign. We are so grateful. Our warehouse is overflowing with tinned food that will help sustain our service for the rest of this year.

“This has been such a boost for the families and children that use our service. We hope people will continue to donate at our supermarket collection points to help us meet the increased demand over the winter months.”

Darren Dorrington, Managing Director said “We are delighted to smash this target and raise awareness for the food bank. MKFM has very much been about trying to encourage our community to help fix issues rather than just talking about it. What is the point of sitting in our studio talking about a broken church door and the cost of fixing it when we can use the airtime to encourage our community to help? The response to the Food Bank campaign was just incredible.”

Significant donations from members of the public included a Tesco delivery driver from Bletchley who donated £500 which has purchased 900 large cartons of long life Orange Juice.

Created on Friday, July 7th, 2017 at 9:22 am

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