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Pirate BBC Essex returns for special broadcast

The BBC & Pharos Trust will be broadcasting from the LV18 Lightvessel once again this year for Pirate BBC Essex.

The station will run 12th to 14th August 2017 and will mark, on 14th August, the 50th anniversary of the Marine Offences Act which closed most pirate radio stations.

Keith Skues will present his Sunday late show from the LV18, with other Saturday/Sunday shows to be confirmed.

Pirate BBC Essex programmes from 9am – 3pm on Mon 14th live from the LV18 on all frequencies for the first time, including presenters Johnnie Walker, Roger Day, Tom Edwards and Norman St John.

There will also be a unique link up with Radio Caroline aboard the Ross Revenge during Monday afternoon.

Other activities will include a Pirate Exhibition on Ha’penny Pier open to the public from Sat 12th to Mon 14th August and The Boat That Rocked film showing at Electric Palace cinema on Sun 13th (evening) introduced by former pirate broadcasters.

In addition, Radio Mi Amigo will be celebrating pirate radio from 21st July to 30th July and runs alongside Harwich Lifeboat Week.

Daytime (6am to 6pm) will be a mix of popular 60s, 70s & 80s rock & pop tracks. The overnight music format will be slightly more relaxed, covering many of the album tracks & rarities played by the offshore pirates, including actual original pirate broadcasts, extracts and jingles.

Presenters will include Alan ‘Neddy’ Turner, Neon Nancy, Dave Kent, Dave Butler, Bart Serlie, Garry Lee, Brendan Day, The Reverend Rabbit, DJ Nightwing, DJ Tim Rice & Johnny Dawes with more to be announced.

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