Tony Blackburn marks 50 years since BBC debut

Tony Blackburn has made a special video to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his first radio programme for the BBC, on the Light Programme.

He swapped pirate radio for the BBC a couple of weeks ahead of the Marine Offences Act becoming law, and presented his first ‘Midday Spin’ programme on 2nd August 1967. By this time he’d been signed up for Radio 1 to present the breakfast show from launch at the end of September 1967.

Fifty years on, Tony is presenting shows for BBC Radio 2 as well as BBC Radio Berkshire – and has been into the basement of Broadcasting House in London to search for the spot where the original studios were.

Watch the video below, or click here.

Tony will be part of the BBC’s celebrations of the 50th anniversaries of Radio 1 and Radio 2 this year, taking part in a special simulcast show on both stations as well as pop-up digital service Radio 1 Vintage on the morning of 30th September.

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Posted on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 at 10:15 am by UK - Reporter

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  1. Willie Bone says

    Congratulations to Tony Blackburn who has always kept his feet firmly on the ground, making him ever popular with listeners! One of Tony Blackburn’s fiercest critics was former popular music magazine DISC. The DISC magazine has long gone while Tony is still “spinning the discs”.
    I am glad the Tony Blackburn Show will be part of the BBC Radio One pop up service in late September. He may bring back the grandson dog of old Arnold!

  2. Joe Smith says

    How lucky Tony was (and we were) that he started his broadcasting career when he did. If he was starting out today he would probably have lost out to some micro celebrity with zero talent whose only qualification would have been not being a male heterosexual with broadcasting talent.

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