Barnett and Ferrari host After The News on ITV

5 live presenter Emma Barnett and LBC’s Nick Ferrari are hosting a late evening news programme on ITV, which began this week.

‘After The News’ goes out at 10.40pm, after the national and regional ITV news programmes and is seen as a challenger for BBC 2’s Newsnight, which Nick and Emma both hosted editions of in the summer.

Emma currently presents 5 live Daily 10am-1pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; while Nick is LBC’s weekday breakfast presenter – a job he’s done since 2004.

Nick hosted the first After The News last night (Monday), with he and Emma sharing presenting duties throughout the week. It’s understood the series has an initial five-week run.

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  1. RAY GOODWIN says

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  2. Joe Smith says

    A challenger to Newsnight? What a joke!

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